Thursday, November 5, 2015

Shopping This Week So Far

Last Friday I went to Weis and spent $26.43....well I spent $29.43 but was overcharged $1.03 for some onions so I got the full overcharged amount back on Monday($3) making my OOP $26.43. Everything on sale except as noted, regular retail value of $45.52.

Items bought included.....
2 bags of sugar $1.27 each after coupon
5 cartons of organic chicken broth 50% at $1.19 each.
1 head iceberg lettuce 50% at .99¢
1.19 lb. tomatoes on the vine at $1.48 lb.
1 bag of spinach 50% off
1 clamshell of salad green 50% off
1 bag of sweet onions $1.97(overcharged)
1 bag of red potatoes $1.97
2 containers of sour cream $1.50 each
1 quart Greek yogurt $3.99
1 package onion rolls $3.49 *full price*

I also hit the Bakery/Bread Outlet that day and stocked us up on bread products for most of the month.....2 bags of bagels, 3 bags of assorted rolls/buns and 3 loaves of bread for $9.25 OOP.
Regular retail of $36.81 on all that.

Since I had closed out October's food spending already all this above goes onto November's totals.

This brought my food spending to $35.68.

I went to the town South of us here yesterday to see a movie and picked up these deals while I was there......

3 x dozen Large Eggs on sale 3/$5=$5.00
.86 lb. Catfish Fillets on sale $6.97 lb.=$5.85
1 x bag of dark potato chips on sale=$2.00
Total.....$12.85 OOP

Bonus points as the eggs were from a local poultry farm.

Tomorrow starts the new ads at Weis(PMITA)Markets.  Nothing there excites me this week except maybe the 8 O'clock coffee is BOGO and I think there is a $1/1 Q in the inserts making for some cheap coffee.

At this point I am at $48.53 for groceries in November.
$251.47 left to spend for the month.

My current shopping list for Thanksgiving dinner--
whipped cream



  1. Thanks for reminding me that I need to get chicken broth today. My plan was to eat down everything in the cabinets and freezer so I would have room for the Thanksgiving stuff. Didn't happen so I will be overloading the game room. Oh well, its not as if that ticks Den off or anything. ;p

  2. If you lived close I could supply those eggs....

  3. Maybe the whipped cream will make the rutabagas palatable. Nah, doubt it.

    1. bleck! I don't think anything would make 'bagas taste

  4. oohhhh. What will you do rutabaga? I'm always looking for a new recipe with some new veggie that I've never cooked with before.
    So far, we've done leeks and turnips whilst outside the box!

    1. I just boil em and then mash, salt and pepper and butter.
      I don't care for them but the family does(even my Yankee Hubs!)and it's a tradition my mom started when I was a kid so I always make em. I've never tried preparing them any other way. They may be an acquired taste but they are a mite better tasting than lutefisk....

  5. I like my shopping list for Thanksgiving best of all. We are going to be in Oregon visiting Son1 and family and we are going out to eat

    1. We did that one year but I am too much of a control freak I guess because the food wasn't very good(institutional tasting)and I thought the price was outrageous. And all those people I don't know. lolz

      Have a great trip and enjoy your family!


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