Saturday, September 19, 2015

Weis Transaction Disaster UPDATE! + Other $ Stuff

This is an update on the really bad transaction I had at Weis(PMITA)Markets earlier in the week that I talked about in this post HERE.

To recap--I paid $76.09 and got $12.98 back for the 50% off items she didn't ring up correctly but discovered more mistakes after I got home and had to call the CS at the store.

Well I took my receipt and the hunk of riblets the cashier didn't even take the $3 discount sticker off of that package back to the store Friday.

I got back the $9 in meat discounts I should have received on Wednesday.
Then the CS manager gave me a $10 Weis gift card because of the problems I had to endure with this cashier and beyond......

Then I showed on the hunk of riblets how the price had rung up incorrectly($3.07 too much)on the receipt so I also got back the whole $9.15 I was charged for that!  So they basically paid me $3 to take that piece of meat. lolz

So I am down to spending $46.80 on that $100.29 worth of groceries(plus I got a $10 gift card too boot).
Maybe I need to let cashiers make MORE mistakes with my orders......ok, maybe not.  ;-)

I also stopped in Rite-Aid today after my PT appointment(which was a pointless waste of time)as I needed to refill an RX.  While I was there I got this too from the clearance section.........

$10.29 ClearQuil marked down to $2.57.
I had a $2/1 ManuQ from the P&G insert so it cost me .57¢ OOP.

I also earned 100 Plenti Pts($1)for buying this item, making this a .43¢ moneymaker.

Then I dragged my foot home, elevated it and put some ice on it.

This PT stuff is not going to help my foot problem.  They are giving me ankle exercises, which I can do fully without pain of any kind.  It's not the ankle or the muscles, it's the swelling in the body of the foot and putting weight on it that is the problem!  The only thing they did that helped was elevating it and putting heat on it.....gee, I can do that at home and don't have to pay them $100 an hour for it. 8-(

I'll go back 2 times next week but unless they actually address what is wrong with my foot next week, I am done with this.

Earlier last week this arrived in the mail......

My Staples refund for buying 4 reams of paper in August.
This one came fast!  And it's not a prepaid gift card like they said it would be, but a real live check I can cash.....woohoo!

As for how the budget is going for September......we are over halfway through and most all the monies for the month have come in(pay, dividends, rebates)and I have paid all the bills that have come in(still waiting on the electric and long distance bills but I know approximately how much those will be)and we still have money leftover.
It's not as much leftover as I hoped since we paid school taxes this month($2K+ ouch!)but we will stay in the black financially this month.

And even better, October is a 3 paycheck month!! 8-)))

October will be lots of co-pays though due to all this medical testing which has revealed nothing wrong so there is that too. 8-(



  1. Don't you hate paying for medical testing that doesn't find anything? I mean you're glad they don't find anything, but the large copays suck.

  2. I am glad you got that nasty grocery store trip sorted - at least they recognized how bad it was by giving you a gift card. I have tightened our money belt - lots of things to save for so we are trying to spend less. Big splurge this week will be going out to dinner for our 10th wedding anniversary.

  3. I had to have pt on my upper back for about three months a long time ago. THEN, I had to drive 50 miles to work. I asked the therapist if the long drive was undoing the good she did. She was disgusted and said, "Yes, I cannot help your back when you must drive so far and back." She didn't blame me at al, just thought I should not drive so far after physical therapy. Then, I was prescribed three days of water/pool therapy, utterly wasteful.

  4. Can you see a therapist who specialises in limphodemia? (sp?)

    1. Lymphedema doesn't not happen in the foot. You must mean edema. I have had edema in this foot for nearly 20 years and no doc has ever figured out the cause or how to fix it. The tests have shown I don't have a venous insufficiency so they are stymied.

  5. Sluggy, Have the docs ruled out a stress fracture? I had one and it was
    very painful to walk just like your foot has been. Your bone may be bent and not broken yet awfully painful. I hope you feel better soon and I am really enjoying reading your blog every day! :)

  6. I think you have planter fasciitis the most common cause of foot pain on the bottom of the foot. This is a common pan in dancers who wear heeled shoes, Rest, heat,ice. It is very painful.

  7. I hope you foot feels better soon. I'm with you on doing the PT at home for free. Sorry you had a cashier like that, sounds like you made out good in the end though. But the aggravation makes it hard though. I left 4 cans of beans at Food Lion this week and had to go back and get them. Ugh! lol


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