Monday, September 14, 2015

This Week on the Dining Table

It's the "Good to Have the Kid Home" Edition--

This was taken on Labor Day and I don't know WHAT THAT FACE was all about?! lolz
We were sad to see her leave for the airport at Dark O' Thirty Sunday morning to go back to Louisiana.

Onward to the meal planning!
Here's what was planned last week.......

1. Sunday--Chinese take-out
2. Monday--cook-out foods(burgers, dogs, corn, etc.)
3. Tuesday--?
4. Wednesday--?
5. Thursday--?
6. Friday--?
7. Saturday--?
And this is what actually happened--

1. Sunday--Chinese take-out
2. Monday--cook-out foods(burgers, dogs, grilled squash, beans)
3. Tuesday--leftover Chinese take-out
4. Wednesday--Lasagna, Salad
5. Thursday--a Burrito, Chili and Cheese
6. Friday--Turkey Panini out
7. Saturday--Greek Salad out(along with Dolmades)

Only 2 meals were cooked at home last week as I was indisposed.  Hubs and Daughter cooked the cook-out foods on Monday and Daughter made me a burrito with chili and cheese on Thursday at home.  Every other meal was take-out or we went out.
So much for me cooking many of Daughter's favorite foods while she was home.....
As for my grocery spending last week......let's just say it's difficult to grocery shop when you are bedridden.
After the Dr. appt. on Friday we stopped at the store and bought a watermelon, some scrapple and a birch beer soda, because Daughter wanted those 2 things.
They also went to the store on Labor Day for a couple of things so last week's total  spending was $12.43.
Added to the first week's spending I am at $20.16 spent for all of September.

I have spent very little of my $350 food budget money and we are already almost halfway through the month!
That said, I don't want to talk about how much we've spent on take-out or restaurant meals instead.  ;-)  Totaling it up in my head without the receipts it had to be at least $200 on Take-out/Eating-out. bleh.
Here is this week's food plan--

1. Sunday--Kielbasa on Rolls, Collards(leftover)
2. Monday--Chicken Tacos(using a crockpot recipe Daughter gave me)
3. Tuesday--Fish, Squash and Onions
4. Wednesday--Spaghetti(leftover)for Hubs, Broccoli Soup for me
5. Thursday--Beef Pie(depending on how well I feel)
6. Friday--Chili(leftover)for Hubs, Broccoli Soup(leftover)for me
7. Saturday--Leftovers(either Chicken Tacos or Beef Pie)

What I need to buy for this menu?......Velveeta and milk for the Broccoli soup.  I'll probably have Hubs pick these up for me on his way home from work one night so I don't have to worry about going to the grocery store this week.

Of course the whole meal plan is up for revision depending on how I am feeling.....if I am up for this much hobbling around and up and down the stairs.  I need to attempt to take myself out alone twice this week to appointments so IF it happens I may not have the umph to also cook from scratch those days.  It may be another solid week of take-out and leftovers after Monday instead.
Time will tell....
What is getting fixed and served at your house this week?    

Was last week's plan successful, did you go off plan or did you not even plan what was going to be eaten that week?

Any great deals on food at your stores this week? 



  1. You seem better so that's good! I am cleaning out my fridge so I mainly ate leftovers and salads this past week. As for Velveeta, NOOOO. That stuff is bad for ya- just think how processed it is. I just add a little parmesan and shredded cheese(I shred my own always) to my broccoli soup and everyone loves it. I do use my immersion blender to puree it. My son just texted me he wants to visit this weekend so I'll be making veggie chili- he rarely eats meat and loves my chili. I prefer a little ground beef/turkey in mine but I'll cook it the way he likes. I'm craving a good rueben myself so I might buy the fixings. I love saurkraut and it's good for you- I think!

  2. Hope you are ding better, Sluggy. Your dinner menus sound good for this week. We love eating out here, so I would have loved the week you had with your daughter. :) Hope she got back to Louisiana safe and sound. :)

  3. Glad you are better, even if it is just somewhat better. I think instead of trying to cook you should rest and do takeout. It is much more important to "baby" yourself than to prepare meals. When you feel better you can cook.

  4. Your daughter is going to ki8ll you s o I would not worry too much about that foot....

  5. I barely remember last week grocery deals. However, grapes of all colors were $.99. Two weeks before that, they were $.69 The grocery ads expire tomorrow night, so I will go scoop up a few deals before they disappear!

  6. Sometimes you just have to do take out. When you are ill it is better to rest than to worry about what the rest of the family has to eat. Or maybe I am just selfish. :-)


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