Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Well You Knew This Was Going to Happen

If y'all remember a couple of weeks ago I got some deals at Weis(PMITA)Markets.
Among those deals were pickles and Kool-Aid(among the flavors I got was cherry).

With all those jars of dill pickles sitting around here, it was inevitable that this would happen...............

Remove pickles from jar and retain brine.
Measure out Kool-Aid powder and pour into brine.

Seal lid and shake vigorousl until Kool-Aid dissolves.

Return pickles to jar and seal the lid.
Refrigerate for 4 days at least.  Shake and turn jar every day until pickles take on a red color.

"Grandma, what a nice unnatural red color you have turned!" lol

You have now made KOOLICKLES.
Open jar and eat them.

I made these because my Daughter made a remark about somebody at her work at made and brought these in but they didn't give her any to try.
So I made this batch the morning of the day Kim came to visit so they'd be ready by the time Daughter arrived on Sunday.
And that ungrateful child would NOT put one in her mouth and try them!
After seeing what they turned out to look like I have to say I don't blame her....lolz

But I got brave a couple of days ago and ate one............

Note the intrepid look on my face.....*snort* 

Ok, I wasn't sure about doing this, but I was able to eat one as long as I didn't look at it. ;-)

My verdict-it's definitely an acquired taste.
If you like sweet and briny together you'll enjoy these.
It's sort of like eating a sweet and sour or bread and butter pickle, except for that cherry flavor thang going on with it too.

Maybe use a little less Koolaid/sugar next time except in my case, there won't be a NEXT time here.......

I do think that the McVal Household would enjoy this concoction and she should put it in her next Cheeseburger Pizza.  8-)
I would volunteer to send her my jar of Koolickles if she wants to try it on that recipe!



  1. That one is not real high on the "gotta try it" list.

  2. Those are two combinations I definitely wouldn't have thought to put together :)

  3. I am not even going to tell you what that looks like. How is the foot?

  4. ew ew ew! I don't like either item alone, yet joined together.

  5. I admire you for trying it, and will probably pass but dang, it is an interesting foosperiment

  6. yuck. is about all i'll say on the matter. LOL!!!!

  7. Bahaha!! I don't think I could have brought myself to try one. hehehe :)

  8. If I could eat a pickle, I would try one. However, the thought made me feel gaggy.

  9. That does not even sound tempting to me. LOL!


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