Friday, September 18, 2015

What Have I Done!!

It all began innocently enough.

I saw on Facebook that a distant cousin in the lowlands of South Central Virginia had died recently so went to make her a memorial on FAG.  Saw that the person who put the memorial up for her Husband a few years ago entered his death date wrong, so I sent her a message in case she missed that typo and wanted to fix it.

She emails me back that she is no longer an active member of FAG and can't edit the memorial or any of the memorials she maintains.
Thinking it was strange that she didn't email FAG admins. and ask for them to take over the memorials I told her I'd gladly keep-up the maintenance on her memorials if she wanted to transfer them to me.


A few hours later my email program blew up!

Did you know that when someone transfers a memorial to your care you get an email from FAG letting you know?
This person had over 400 memorials in her name.
So if you sent me an email and are waiting for a reply it might take me awhile to wade through my overfilled inbox at the moment. lolz

Oh well, this will be plenty to keep me busy over the Winter when I am trapped indoors by the snow and cold.

I've already found a long lost distant cousin among her hoard of memorials.  She didn't have a last name for poor Mary Alma's memorial. Mary Alma was married twice but not buried with either hubs but I found that she was buried near her brother and his wife and we have given her a proper slew of last names(both married and maiden).  And now her actual place of burial and correct birth date are out there for all her descendants to find.

I look at it this's not a (paid)job, it's an adventure back in history!



  1. I hope all your relatives know how much work goes into this and that you have tracked down everyone - maybe you should do this as a part-time business!

    1. I don't do this for my relatives(well except for the kids IF they ever get interested in their personal history some day when I am gone).....I do this for other families digging their roots to help make the search easier.

      I would consider doing genealogy for pay but it's very time consuming and I don't have access to enough(read have to pay for stuff)sources to make the search efficient for that.

  2. and who knows what historical items you may yet uncover!

    have a great weekend, sluggy!

  3. This sounds like a winter hobby you are going to really enjoy :)
    Gosh darn you sluggy now you've got me interested in joining find a grave. I use that site too for a lot of research, obviously but there are a good deal of family headstones (husband's side) here in our local cemetery I'd like to personally log.

    1. Well go on the site and see if that cemetery/those headstones have already been logged into the site or not. If they have already and you'd like to maintain them sometimes you can ask for transfers if you are a member. Good luck!

  4. Wow! Just wow! I think this might actually be a gold mine for you__someday! Have fun sifting through all your new care taking duties.
    Now I am wondering if we are somehow related, since we have family origins in Va.

    1. Send me a few particulars on your line(like grandparents or great grands names/dates)and I'll do some digging. If your family came through southern VA early on in the migration to the new World we probably are related. lolz

  5. You do a great service to people.

  6. The times research has lead me to FAG I have ended up spending hours on it. LOL!


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