Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Long Weekend at Chez Sluggy

Not much has been going on, yet a lot has been going on here this weekend.

My foot started hurting me on Tuesday and by Friday it was quite unbearable so up to the ER Hubs took me that evening after he got off of work.

The pain was akin to what I experienced 2 Septembers ago when a blood clot was found in my ankle via an ultrasound test.
That clot required Heparin shots and Coumadin pills and blood tests every 3-4 days to get it to dissolve and then a maintenance routine of tests and pills for the next 6 months for me to be able to walk again on that foot.

Well this was the same foot(left)and very similar symptoms/pain in said foot earlier in the week.

ER techs did an ultrasound and no clots were found anywhere in the foot or leg.
Then X-rays were taken to rule out any bone/tendon/ligament breaks/tears/spurs/etc. in the foot.

So an infection was diagnosed, antibiotics and painkillers prescribed and 6 hours after entering the ER I was sent home to rest and take said medications, elevate the leg if possible, and follow-up with my PCP next week.

The Culprit.

This foot has had chronic swelling for the last 20 years....since I gave birth to College Boy.
I have a condition in my legs that can lead to infection but since the foot is always swollen, I can't deduce that anything is wrong with said foot unless there is severe pain when standing on the foot.
Basically since I've had this condition in my legs I've never had an infection in the foot due to the condition.

So I have basically been bed bound since yesterday.  I can get up to use the bathroom and I made it downstairs and back once yesterday, but that took a lot out of me.

Poor Hubs had been at my beck and call all weekend fetching me drink and eats and entertainment(my computer). 
My routine at the moment is wake up and take meds then go back to and potty and go back to sleep......check the computer before tiring and go back to sleep.

I am so glad it is NOT a blood clot and just an infection.  Funny thing, that I am glad to have an infection. lolz

I have decided that painkillers are lovely things. 8-)))

I am off to take another round of meds, use the bathroom and, yes you guessed it, go back to sleep.

My daughter is arriving this evening for her first visit home in over 2 years.  Perhaps I can stay awake more than 30 minutes at a clip once she gets here. ;-)

I hope you are having a nice relaxing holiday at your house.....



  1. Hope you feel better. Glad it isn't a blood clot but an infection can't be real fun either. Cheryl

  2. Shite! Just when your daughter is visiting - couldn't have timed that worse. I hope you heal up quickly, and yes, painkillers are wonderful :)

  3. Oh my goodness I too am glad it's an infection and not a clot! Very happy to hear that. I hope you can enjoy your time with your daughter! Sending happy healing thoughts your way Sluggy.

  4. Well that sucks Ms Sluggy. I have found sleep to be the cure-all for just about every ailment I've ever had. Sometimes the body just needs to rest and heal itself. I hope your infection clears up quickly so you can get up and boogie again. :-)

  5. dear me
    things don't sound at all dull in your neck of the woods.

  6. Oh, Sluggy! Sorry to hear about your painful foot. But thank God it was not a blood clot. Hope the infection clears up quickly and you feel better soon.

  7. I'm sure hubby is more than happy to keep you well and fed after all of the awesome menus you've put together over the years. NO?? Hope you're feeling the effect of the meds very soon!

  8. Fartsicles! Get that foot better ASAP so we can see more travelogue pics. But don't travel till you stop taking the happy pills!

  9. Your foot and ankle did not look like that when we were there, definitely an infection. By the way with toes straight across like that you could have been a great ballet dancer. We look for feet with even toes cut straight across. Get better.

  10. So glad it's not a clot, but still... Why is it always something. Why... Why... Why ?? Get better soon!!!

  11. So sorry! Try to sit around- get you a stack of library books and paper to make lists. I've only had to rest a couple of weeks before i had third child and it was not too bad! Husband and neighbors waited on me LOL. Just be careful you don't fall hobbling around the house- a broken bone would not be fun. PS You and your daughter can have some good talks from the chair!

  12. Rest, rest rest, get well soon.


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