Wednesday, March 18, 2015

How The Week is Going Foodwise

St. Patrick's Day ended on a high note......

Irish Stew made with Stout(and wine!) with a Bell's Cherry Stout chaser.

I had some discounted steaks in the freezer that needed using up so this was the perfect way given the month and date. lolz

I've spent $5.11 on groceries so far this week.
All I "need" is a loaf of rye bread for Rueben sandwiches but I'll cruise the meat and produce aisles for discount stickers/50% stickers anyway later today when I go out for the bread.
Could be a really low spend food week.....or not, depending on what I find.  '-)

Right now we have leftovers--rigatoni and meat sauce, mushroom lasagna, corned beef and cabbage, Irish stew, ginger garlic chicken and veggie stir-fry, roast turkey breast and stuffing, and a helping each of garlic cauliflower, steamed broccoli and collards.
The rest of the week will entail reheating(and assembling sandwiches)and NO new cooking.

Oh, whatever shall I do with my time?

Well there is always working on genealogy and sewing. 8-)))

What is on your plate this week.....both literally and figuratively?



  1. just made a liver and onion casserole, and have a strawberry and pear crisp pie in the oven as we speak!!! Looking forward to supper tonight. I am cooking it all now while the hydro rate is cheaper.

    1. I LOVE liver and onions! You need to share this recipe.

  2. I think I'll drag Den to the store with me and let him come up with a few meals for next week. Our dinners are usually better when he is involved.

  3. Just made a crockpot full of veggie chilli :) and boy is it good! And there are leftovers to use up - it'll be a cheap eats week here too!

  4. I would say it has been a cheap eats week for us, but Hubby went to the grocery store Monday and that was not so cheap. LOL!


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