Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Grocery Shopping

Well I bought a few extra things at Weis today while grocery shopping because the discount stickers were out in force! lolz

The only things I needed were the rye bread(NOT on sale!)and sour cream(on sale).

1 x box of salad greens $2.99 50% off=$1.49
2 x bags stir-fry veggies $2.99 50% off=$2.98
1 x bag coleslaw mix $2.49 50% off=$1.24
1 loaf sourdough bread $3.39 50% off=$1.69
1 loaf rye bread=$3.39 *not pictured*
1 roll BE sausage=$4.49-.50-$1 instant sticker=$2.99
2 salmon burgers=$4.00-$2 instant sticker=$2.00
2.50 lbs B/S chicken breast marked down $2.99 lb=$7.48-$3 instant sticker=$4.48($1.79 lb)
2.33 lbs ground beef marked down $4.49 lb=$10.46-$3 instant sticker=$7.46($3.20 lb)
1 x sour cream on sale=$1.50
4 x 8oz blocks cheese on sale $1.67=$6.68
10 x PowerAde Zero on sale $1=$10.00 *not pictured*
SubTotal.....$45.90 + .84¢tax=$46.74

I also had a .75¢/1lb. ground beef Weis Q so $46.74-.75=$45.99 OOP
$74.60 reg. retail value makes a 39% savings rate for this shop.
I also have $22 spent toward $30 to get a $7 Catalina(the PowerAdes count toward this at their full reg. retail price even though they are on sale)Q.

I'll make a healthy coleslaw and serve that with the salmon burgers one night.
The stir-fry veggies will go into a stir-fry dish(duh).
Some of the chicken will get pounded down to make chicken parmesan next week and some of the ground beef will be made into burgers for next week and the remaining portions of both meats will be put into the freezer for an even later time.

Total spent this week on food=$52.00.
Oh, and I forgot when we picked up College Boy last Saturday we stopped at the Surplus Outlet so I have to add that to this week's tally because I forgot it last week.  That shop was under $40 so still under $100 for the week and under $206 for the month including Rite-Aid monies spent.

Between leftovers and what I picked up on discount today I've probably got most of next week's menu planned and items bought already for the meals.

Ok, I am done spending $$$ this week.
How about you?




  1. hoping not to spend very much this week on groceries.

  2. I made my first pass over the ads I did get. So, I have to get out a pen and paper. As it seems, there was nothing exciting I want except for the pork, the one cut, okay, forgot what it was. I did hear that Sprouts in Huntsville has grapes for $0.89/lb so price match time. pork loin for $1.59/lb. Good price? Of course, I have no money right now! In a few days I will and this ad will still be good.

  3. You must have built in "good deal" radar. Other than finding two beef roasts accidentally priced and tagged as porkchops making them half price and a cashier accidentally only charging me for one lime instead of three no great deals this week :)


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