Sunday, March 15, 2015

Well, That Week Flew By!

College Boy was home from school this past week.
I don't think I got much of anything done however......well, if you don't count extra laundry, cooking, handing out $$$s, doing & mailing out his taxes, coming downstairs to dirty dishes after his late night food attacks, talking with him about his Summer job search, packaging up his broken phone to send back to the company(he had gotten insurance when he bought it thankfully!) and loading bags of goodies for him to take back to his dorm.

And now he is gone and there is quiet.....
I feel like a tornado came through here last week. lolz

We celebrated his 19th Birthday last week since he was at school and sick as a dog with the flu on his actual birthday.
He wanted an ice cream cake so I gave him the $ and he went out and bought it.
I am pathetic....lolz

There was a new t-shirt, a pan of peanut butter brownies, 2 dozen m&m cookies and  a wad of birthday cash before he went back too.....

Between all that, getting a cavity filled, a few trips out to grocery and/or Rite-Aid, cooking, riding my exercycle, and paying the bills for March, that was about all that happened last week. 

Oh, and some snow melted and I can now get to my porch swing, though it's still too cold to actually sit out there yet.

I am just feeling not too enthused about anything right now.
The weather improving might help me get out of this funk.....or maybe not.  8-P




  1. the only snow that remains here are the huge snowplow-pushed piles.

    and the sun being out and phillies baseball on the radio really brightens up my mood.

    tonight's dinner: bacon-wrapped turkey fillets, mashed potatoes, applesauce, homemade cherry cobbler. and wine.

  2. I do not miss having kids at home. LOL! Shame on me!

  3. I always appreciate your home updates.

  4. I get my little darling sometime this week. I will relive your scenario well except for the birthday! I love that you sent him to buy his own cake. I would do the same thing.

  5. This is the same boy who had the hair covering his face in his class portrait, right? That is the first post I ever saw on your blog. (nostalgia)

  6. That tornado feeling... geesh I feel like that everyday with my husband after I get home from work!

    I'd like to add, you will feel better when the weather turns around, absolutely. We just hit a warmish patch and I already feel a hundred times better then I have the past few weeks. It's amazing what a little sunshine, warmer temps and LESS SNOW can do for a person's mental state.

  7. The boy seems SOOO happy! My boy had a rather up and down trip to LA with his family. And yeah it flew by, but the new weeks looms! Concert on Tuesday, meeting on Friday! I am happy!

    Peace <3

  8. Cool Jimi Hendrix shirt! Happy birthday College Boy!

  9. Sounds like a fun week, my professor is home this week for spring break, at least I won't have to give him cash when he goes back to school,


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