Monday, March 30, 2015

The Last Hurrah at Rite-Aid

I went up to Rite-Aid Saturday for my last +Up Rewards shopping excursion.

I'm too sad to break this all down, so here is one shot of everything I bought in 4 transactions on various Wellness cards........

4 x Dove Shampoo/Conditioners
2 x Tresemme 'Poo
2 x Tresemme Stylers
2 x Gillette Shave Gel
2 x Old Spice Body Wash
1 x Gillette Razor
2 x Jergens lotion
1 x Biore cleanser
1 x Jergens body Butter
2 x CeraVe lotion
2 x Tic Tacs mints
3 x Cadbury eggs

I spent/rolled my $24 in +Up Rewards.
I earned $20 new +Ups Rewards that expire on 4/11.

I spent a total of $1.71 OOP on all of this.

$0.00, .07¢, .38¢ and $1.26=$1.71

1 of those Cadbury Eggs puchased will give me a $1.15 back through Saving Star(which already arrived in my account), so total OOP spent today is .56¢.

I bought home a total of $109.54 worth of regular retail in goods.
For .56¢.

Man, I am really gonna miss me some Rite-Aid.




  1. I'm beyond words. You rock the shopping world!

  2. But, you got $20 in Ups rewards for the future? This disastrous turn of events is the reason people should stock up. The deals my be gone for future shopping. The products will cost more. I am sure you, The Master of the Deal, can make something work for you.

    1. Yes I have 2 weeks to use up the +Ups I have now. I really don't need to buy any toiletries for at least another year or two with what I have stockpiled here. Maybe some OTC meds but that's about it. So I have time to think about what to do next.

  3. I don't understand. I hope you explain more in older posts. The best I can ever come up with where coupons are concerned is "Save .55 on TWO humongous bottles of ketchup". And I have a Walgreen's card, but it never seems to give me any goodies.

    1. HI Lotta Joy!
      In the "search this blog" box on the right sidebar type in Rite-Aid and a gazillion posts I have done on my shopping trips there, which are a tad more explanatory, will pop up. I also wrote some posts on how to "do" the R-A system a couple years back.
      Unfortunately I haven't done Walgreens shopping since they went to their Balance Rewards system so I am not "up" on how to work their system to spend as little OOP to get goodies there. But there are other websites (like "I heart Wags")that can give you some tips.
      Sadly since the recession is over according to the Powers That Be, it's become much harder to find steals and deals at the grocery stores using coupons/sales/stacking/etc.
      But you CAN save money on food! And it doesn't have to be crappy junk food either. It involves a bit of work first to figure out their sales cycles and buying needed items ahead when on special and thinking outside the box and shopping at "other than" grocery stores.
      I wrote a post on stockpiling a few years ago.....
      And no I am not one of those prepper crazies. lol
      I explain a bit how I shop here....

      And here is how I will be approaching grocery shopping this year....

      Probably way more than you wanted to know. ;-)

  4. Rite-Aid's glad to see you go. You took their stuff and kept your dough. Now you'll find another store. You'll get more free stuff galore.

    1. Maybe....maybe not. lolz But I'm in no hurry.

  5. I would be fed up and sad about it as well.

  6. What happened to Rite Aid?

    Peace <3

    1. They did away with their +Up Rewards program Jay.
      *sad face*

    2. I can't IMAGINE why! HAHAHAHAHA

      Peace <3


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