Thursday, March 5, 2015

Rite-Aid Rumors

Well as someone commented on my last Rite-Aid post a few days ago, there are rumors swirling around the notion that Rite-Aid will be doing away with it's +Up Rewards program.

As of yet, this rumor remains a rumor and hasn't been confirmed.
Though the geniuses at Rite-Aid are doing their best to fan the flames of rumor by not outright denying it and doing the two step around the issue on social media.

So this could be happening or maybe not.
Too soon to tell but the idea of it has longtime Rite-Aidaholics up in arms.

It very well could be true and we'll see changes or the abolishment of this program.  Of course this not denying it on their part, gives Rite-Aid the opportunity for some "buzz" among the consuming public so they are milking that for all it's worth!

Rumors say that they will end the "Rite-Aid scrip" and change it to giving out "points" to use toward some sort of rewards to be cashed in/redeemed outside of the store.  Sort of like the Reward Program in January and February where you earned points for buying certain items and when you accumulated them in 50 point increments you could cash them in for things like movie tickets, day spa visits, a free game of bowling, etc.

Personally, I sure hope they do NOT go this route.  It's lame and frankly when I went to redeem my points for that program half or all of the "rewards" I was eligible for were NOT offered by any local businesses here.  What good is a day spa reward that I have to drive over 2 hours away to get to use?

If this is the way they are going to proceed, I'll be doing almost no Rite-Aid shopping in the future.
I will curl up into a not-so-little ball in the corner and cry, then be glad I have a humongous toiletries/HBA stockpile and slowly use it down and by, say.....2020 I'll actually have to go back into a drugstore again for something other than prescription meds.  8-)

I would actually LOVE if Rite-Aid went back to the SCR Reward program.    I loved those nice cash rebates! 
Aaaaah, the Golden Age of Rite-Aid........

Yes, it meant laying out some cash at first but the rebates I got back amounted to way MORE than that initial cash layout!

Heck in 2010 alone(before they did away with the Single Check Rebate Program)I earned $!
I also earned Rite-Aid gift cards amounting to $345,which I turned around and "bought" items with to submit for other rebates that gave me even more cash refunds($223).

Add in that in 2010 as well, I earned $475.50 in +Up Rewards(remember that the +Ups program overlapped the SCR program for 3 years before they phased the SCR out in Dec. 2012).
Plus I brought home almost $9,800 worth of products.  I wrote a post about it all HERE.
Man, 2010 was a GREAT YEAR!!! lolz

I "hearted" the SCR Program and sure wish they'd bring THAT back.  8-)
I remember lamenting when that Rite-Aid reward program ended and this Wellness/+Up Rewards game began.
But I made that work over time.
I just don't see how I can make this rumored new program work if they don't give you store credit or cash back.

What Rite-Aid rumors have you heard lately?



  1. I really liked the single check rebates too. Easy to submit for the whole month online at one time and cash back. I realize they would rather give store credit than cash back, so it will for sure get spent there. I haven't done much with RA since they went this route - too much work to figure out what to spend the UP rewards on. I suppose if I didn't have towork full time I'd have time to take advantage of it. I completely stopped shopping at Walgreens several years ago when they changed to Register Rewards and now I have no idea how there newest program even works.

  2. That is a sad, sad rumor. I would be worried too if I were you.
    I haven't been in Walgreens in years because of their new program and their hateful cashiers. I stick with CVS. But I can't run a deal like you can at RA.
    I guess all you can do is stock up before or if it goes away. I have been trying to stock up again. We went through a really bad patch where I couldn't get anything for cheap or free. Now it seems that things have eased up a bit and I'm buying a bit more for the closet. But then again, the kids are home and the sucker is dwindling.

  3. I called in for one of their rewards and it was a choice of three lame things I would never want or use. I was disgusted.

  4. I am in Canada, and we always have rumours circulating about the Canadian stores as well. Nothing you can do about it. At the end of the day it's all about money with these companies...........

  5. I saw something on the Sunday ad about this, but it looked like a choice. But, I did not really pay enough attention to the details. Slugmama, I would not let up on getting deals. Work it until they pull the rug from under you.


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