Saturday, October 4, 2014

Weekend Happenings

               Last year's church auction goodies.

Since I don't have to go up to Rite-Aid today, whatever will I do with myself this weekend?!

It's rainy so no outdoor projects or the garage will happen at least today.

Hubs and I will be going to that annual local church auction this afternoon.  It's a fundraiser we attend every year for going on 6 or 7 years.
It's our regular October Date.
I get to be with my Hubs, spend money, get an adrenalin rush and buy stuff for cheap....what more could I ask for?

I posted a video about what I won last year in this post HERE.
It's a way to get stuff you need or want for cheaper.....and it helps the church pay it's bills.

Then I really do need to get some sewing least cut some things out.
I have picked out fabrics and have my patterns made so I'll get to it this weekend.
Maybe...... ;-)

I've got leftovers still so no cooking today.
I've already viewed next week's grocery ads and between my main 2 stores there are only 4 items I want/need to pick up.
Next week is not a great week for grocery shopping least for me.

Sunday starts a new week for my meal planning so I've gotten a start on figuring that out already.
Will work more on it this weekend.

I also need to change over my closet to Fall/Winter clothing and put the dresses which I usually wear in the Summer away.  The weather took a nosedive last night and the temperatures dropped significantly here.....and it's October already!?!
I should also start in on packing for our trip to Ocean City as it's coming up very soon.

After last week's Rite-Aid orgy my stockpile could use some reorganizing as well.
And speaking of stockpiles.....I need to gather another box of goodies for a giveaway.

Plus I have 2 dozen more fabrics to list in my Etsy shop.

And I could go to Rite-Aid on Sunday, since the new ad/deals start then, and do a transaction.

And if Sunday is nice Hubs and I could go for a ride somewhere together.

See?  I have lots of activities to participate in this weekend.

Or maybe I'll just stay in my pjs and take a nap or two......

What's on your plate this weekend?
Anything thrilling or out of the ordinary, or just the same old, same old stuff?




  1. It is 11:40 am here. The Octoberfest is happening. But, people are walking for four blocks. I only live five blocks from the Festhall. I cannot walk four or five blocks. So, it looks like I will pencil in a nap today.

    It was in the mid 40s here. But, my getting out winter clothes consisted of getting a sweater over summer clothes. And, I do not want to give up sandals just yet.

  2. Have fun at the auction - I hope you find tons of goodies!

  3. This is a same-old, same-old weekend! After last weekend, I couldn't do another one like it for a while!

    Peace <3

  4. We've had a great weekend so far. I am loving this cooler weather, but it is really cool this morning. I am covered up in a blanket. Yesterday we went to several yard sales, which we enjoy so much and came home with several new to us items. :)


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