Sunday, October 13, 2013

Weekend Hijinks....Not Very Hijinky

Is hijinky even a word? lol

My weekend has been low key and not fully what I had planned it to be.
Saturday was filled and we had ourselves an adventure, Hubs and I.

First off, we went to the Annual Church Auction down the road from us.  We go to this every year.
Besides the items you see(well you can see about 75% of the items)that people donate for this event, they auction off business donated gift certificates.  The gift certs. are mostly what I go for.  I bid on(and hopefully win!)certs. for local eateries & entertainment we go to, and services we use anyway(like car oil changes, pet boarding, etc.).  Spending some money now on gift certificates at less than full price, instead of paying full retail when we obtain the goods and services later, saves us a big chunk of change in the long run.

Here's a little video I made with all the certificates I won on Saturday.  I got quite a lot more certs this year than I usually win the bids on.
And forgive me when I keep saying this was FREE in the video.....I KNOW they weren't free as I did pay for them.  I just paid less now than I would have to pay otherwise at the store/business.
And the money goes to the church which makes me feel good.

I had a savings rate of 43% overall on what I spent vs. what I got.

*I really wanted that lamp in the photo for my new living room, but it went for something like $50(still less than retail at that)which was way over what I was willing to shell out of my pocket. ;-)

Then we headed over to KMart.
I had bought a folding camping table Saturday morning online before we left for the auction.
I need one for my shipping HQ(my online packages for eBay/Etsy) and for sewing(to cut fabric on)
since I no longer have a dining room table to do these things on.  And once I get a dining room table, we can always use a good portable banquet type table.
So I waited to get one that didn't fold in the middle at a sale price.

It was $39.99, $10 off.
I bought it online because I had a Get $5 off a $40 order coupon code so if I bought $45 in goods I got $5 off.
So I needed to add $5.01 in goods, which ended up being FREE with the coupon code.
I got diet fruity sodas for me and grape sodas for #2 Son.

Then we hit Weis PMITA Markets for some chicken deli meat for lunch sandwiches for me for the coming week and 2 Di Giorno's pizzas on sale for $5 and I had a $2/2 IPQ, making the pies $4 each.
Hubs made one for dinner Saturday and the other is for #2 Son to have some time this coming week for dinner or lunch, depending on his schedule.

Sunday isn't going nearly as well or as planned.
Judy and I were suppose to meet for lunch but she is too sick to make the trip to her sister's this weekend.
I guess it's all for the best since I woke up to my foot.....the good foot that didn't have the blood clot....very sore and not being able to put much weight on it.
If it isn't one thing, it's another, isn't it? 8-(

So we'll do the meet up/lunch date in a couple of weeks.
And no Judy, I am not bringing the giant zebra's ass with me to Denny's, just my own giant ass......

I think I strained a muscle on the right side of my foot because while the pizza was heating up Saturday evening, I went out into the yard to pick broccoli so I could make more Broccoli Soup.  The yard is sloped where I had to stand to cut the broccoli and I must have hurt my foot standing on that uneven ground.
Ugh again.
So there was no way I was getting into the car and driving to meet Judy today.
I've been hobbling around the house today trying to make that blasted Broccoli Soup and straighten things up a bit.  I've got to be well enough tomorrow since I have a 4 month checkup with my primary doctor Monday morning.  So after the soup is finished I am off the foot for the rest of the day.

So that's my thrilling weekend.
How has yours been?



  1. It is what did not happen that screwed up my weekend. Don't tell me you will be here at 11 am on Sat and never show up, don't answer the phone, or call with an excuse after I have rearranged my day, gotten up early to do one thing before you arrive, sat here in misery wanting a nap. And, remember, some repairs will be more involved if you just let things ride.

    I did manage to salvage my day but not my stress level and mood. I found two packages on the unusable front porch instead on the side porch I use. FEDEX has a permanent note about where to leave packages. Monday, I will actually enjoy reaming them out.

    In the two packages were nice surprises. One package has a good chocolate sample, a whole bag that I am still working on now as I type. I received it from a research place where I do online surveys for cash. I will clean the chocolate from the keyboard later. The other was the Bear Grylls Gerber Survival bracelet that I received for hosting a giveaway and promoting their upcoming season. Still, none of this salvaged my day or mood.

    I love the church auctions with gift certificates. You really need that right foot for the gas and brake. Bummer.

    Today, I thought maybe I was the ruined my Saturday and sat here again, waiting. 3:30 pm and no show again.

  2. You, poor thing, I hope your foot is all better very soon!

    And these are some nice savings you got there.

  3. I spent the weekend missing my husband! What is wrong with me? I think it must be age. Or being a clingy housewife? He went to camp and I stayed home and I missed him the entire time. That never used to happen!

  4. My weekend was rained out. I did nothing in response to the rain.

    Peace <3

  5. You did really well at the auction. A few years back we attended a baseball fund raiser for my Grandson's ball league. I had similar success. Everyone was trying for the music devices or a signed baseball or ball jersey while I focused on the less popular but more handy items. By the end of the evening I was becoming embarrassed as I won time and time again.

    I ran errands on Sat and today cooked a turkey dinner. I am not one to give up so I continue to try to cook an eatable turkey.Today I gave this year's plan a trial run. In the past I have roasted in the oven, fried, grilled, bought a pre-smoked, sent one to a BBQ joint, bought a smoker and smoked one myself, bought the one that the BBQ joints sells , brined etc..... you get the picture. One year I skipped a turkey entirely which did NOT please my daddy (I cooked a nice rib roast that year) Last night I pulled a turkey out of the freezer and this morning went to Wal-mart and bought one of those table top roasters. You know the ones ..... when we were young, many women had them set up on those roll around carts. They were in a lot of kitchens until the 1970's when the new microwaves sent those old roasters out to the garage! My largest problem is that I have a tiny oven and we usually have around 25 for thanksgiving dinner. It is one of those small built in wall ovens so when Thanksgiving comes around I am always scrambling for oven space. Today's attempt was okay ..... not spectacular (which is what I am shooting for) I have almost decided that part of the problem is we don't really care for turkey all that much. I am making stock from the carcass and it smells amazing!!!! We have a lot of vegetarians and now gluten free family members. Oh well .... despite it all the food really shouldn't be the main focus of a family get together anyway! I know it will all work out!

    Stay off that foot! Oh and I want to mention what a nice soothing voice you have. You should narrate children's books!

  6. I'm sorry to hear about your good foot giving you trouble!
    And I'm just impressed that you could hold the camera and record at the same time. Some things are just out of the realm of what Sonya can do.

  7. I am sorry you hurt your other foot. Hope at least one of them gets better soon! Yeah on all the gift certificates!


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