Friday, October 17, 2014

Back From the Beach


We just got back last night from 4 nights down in Ocean City, MD.
It was a nice relaxing trip.......well, once all the weekenders left on Monday.

Usually they leave on Sunday but since Monday was a federal holiday(Columbus Day)they all stayed an extra night and partied hard.

Our room was right over the outside pool bar AND as a bonus, right next to the elevator(oh JOY!lolz)so there wasn't much sleeping until late into the night on Sunday.
So we jacked up the a/c & the TV, closed the balcony patio door and drank until they all went to bed.

Monday to Wednesday was fine and we bugged out yesterday right before the Weekenders started arriving.

The weather was great to ok but warm the whole time.  There was rain at night on Wednesday and it rained that day while we were at the movies but by the time we came out of the theater it had stopped.  Thursday was suppose to be rainy for the drive home but the front blew through Wednesday and was gone by Thursday morning and we had sunny skies for traveling home..  We made good time on the road until we hit just past Philly on the turnpike extension and sat for an hour due to construction(not rush hour!).  That was the only bad spot both coming and going home.  The TV guy at home said we got 3 inches of rain in 1 day while we were gone so we dodged that bullet too!

It was a low-key getaway.  We didn't "do" much, just hung out, wandered around and ate and drank a bit.  And went to Salisbury MD one night to visit with a friend.

We spent $1172.36 on this trip on exclusively trip-related expenses(gas, hotel, food, tolls, pet boarding, etc.).   That's an average of $293.09 a day for this vacation.
Another $289.82 was spent on items we brought home(mostly booze).  We do a "Delaware Booze Run" on this yearly trip to OC.  There are some liquor stores down in DE with inexpensive prices(no sales tax too)where we stock up on "adult beverages" we can't get in draconian PA.
Hubs favorite whiskey is sold in 49 of 50 US states.....guess which one they can't sell it in? 8-(

So we are home now and have the weekend to get back into reality mode.
Nah......maybe we'll stay in vacation mode for a couple more days.

Except for I need to go to Rite-Aid......of course! lolz

What has everyone been up to lately?  I've read some blogs but need to get up to speed with everyone.




  1. Glad you had a nice getaway, sometimes it only takes a few days away. Cheers!

  2. where did you stay in OC-MD? YAYZ for booze runs!

  3. We stay at the Quality Inn on 16th st.
    Less than $100 a night for oceanfront rooms....hell yeah!

  4. My mind and body would probably seize up from the shock if I had a vacation. I forgot about your being gone from the menu this week. Dan should have relieved himself off the I hate being next to the elevator or ice machine/snack machines. It's great you had good weather. I am overjoyed because it has been dry here for three days and no rain is forecast for at least ten days.

    Did you go to the beach? I thought AL was harsh with liquor laws!

  5. Totally cool!!! Great trip!!! WOOHOO!!! Who cares how much it cost???

    Peace <3

  6. It's hard to come back isn't it? I don't even drink and it's hard to come back.

  7. There's nothing like a trip to the shore to relax you followed by a stress filled 4 hour ride back home.
    We put an offer on a house while you were gone. Then we backed out after the inspector found Poly-B pipe in the house. I have some thing I want to send you. Check your email Ms Sluggy.


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