Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Quick Heads Up

If you still have a need for "feminine protection" products and you have Rite-Aids near you, here's a heads up to get some real cheap tampons.

Next week Rite-Aid will have an In-Ad coupon for $3 off a box of Playtex tampons....

playtex gentle glide or sport tampons 32-36 ct , stayfree maxi pads 28-48 ct , o.b. tampons 40 ct , or carefree pantiliners 92 ct $3 off w/ in-ad coupon playtex psa $8.49, $6.79 gold!
Stayfree psa $6.99, $5.59 Gold!

                    Photo from "I Heart Rite-Aid" website

Now go print the $3 off Playtex tampons coupon over at Coupons dotcom before they run out of prints. (You can print it twice.)
High value Coupon=it will go fast.

Next week, stack the in-ad Q with the IPQ to get 2 boxes for $4.98 **depending on your stores regular shelf price.  My store's shelf price is higher.
(If you have a 10% or 20% Wellness discount on your card your OOP cost will be less too.)

The scenario will be something like this....
2 x $8.49=$16.98-$12 in Qs(2 x In-Ad + 2 x $3 IPQ)=$4.98 OOP and get a $3 +Up Reward.

Buying 2 boxes will trigger a $3 +Up Reward to print, so after +Up Reward your price will be .99¢ a box.

This is the same Monthly +Up Reward Deal(Limit 2 offers) as this week's Wet Ones so if you did that deal twice this week, you won't get the Playtex $3 +Up when you buy the tampons unless you use a different Wellness card.

There are also $4/2 Pantene Qs on Coupons dotcom that reset so go print those again before they are gone as well!


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  1. I could have used cheap OB's 25-years ago. Now, my daughters are afraid of tampons...sigh.


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