Friday, February 15, 2013

What A Week!

This definitely will NOT go down in the books as my Best Week.

On Sunday I noticed a dull throbbing in my mouth.  As the week has gone on the pain has increased to the point that I put in a call to my dentist.   I thought that my crown had become loose and needed to be reglued or whater they do to secure one of those down.

After rooting around in my maw and taking a couple of x-rays, the dentist decided that one of the nerves(roots)was having issues and I needed a root canal in that tooth under the crown.
I had thought that both of my crowned teeth HAD already had root canals done to them(by my previous dentist), but evidently this tooth hadn't have one performed on it.
The current dentist didn't find any abscesses under the crown yet but that doesn't mean it still doesn't hurt like a sonofagun!
So they set me up with an appointment at a "root canal" specialist's office.  I guess my new dentist doesn't DO root canals.
The thing is the earliest the RCS can see me is Feb. 27th.
Right now the pain is about a 5 and it gets a little worse every day.  I am already having to take a Percocet to get to sleep at night and my little bottle of Oragel is close at hand during the day.  I have a fairly high tolerance for pain but I don't think I'm going to make it to the 27th without biting someone's head off.....

So if I disappear for awhile I am just trying to spare all y'all from my crankiness caused by my tooth issues.

We also have the saga of the "trip check" going on for the past few weeks.
#2 Son's marching band is taking an overnight trip in the Spring.  Hubs and I partially funded his Disney World Band trip 2 years ago and we told him that if wanted to do anymore band trips in high school, he was going to have to come up with the money for those.
So he's been saving his money from his job and had the cash for the check that was due the middle of January.
I wrote the check and gave it to him to turn in back in Jan.
Let's just say that #2 Son has been having memory issues.  When the hormones kicked in, his memory kicked out.  He forgets EVERYTHING now!
Do I have to tell y'all that he forgot to turn in his check? lol

Jan. 31st rolls around and I ask him if he turned it in.......not only did he not turn it in, but he's lost it!
Says he turned his room upside down looking for it and still no check has surfaced.
So I wrote another check February 1 for him to turn in.

2 days later he comes home and I ask if he turned in check #2.
He informs me that he lost check #2 in the band room somewhere.  He took it in to hand in but forgot and left it in the room.
Smoke starts blowing out my ears, I do my impersonation of the Father fixing the furnace from "The Christmas Story" and #2 Son escapes upstairs.
Moments later #2 Son comes back downstairs and has found check his room, right next to his desk.
The room he swore to me he had scoured already to find check #1 days before.

So to update you.....check #1 is found and check #2 is MIA.
I tell him to put check #1 in his instrument case so that next time he has practice he will SEE the check and turn it in.  And he is to search the band room and find check #2 that week.
Hahahaha.....Mortals plan and God laughs.

So a few days later I ask #2 Son if he turned in check #1.
He says yes but he didn't find check #2 in the band room yet.
Then on Wednesday of this week I went online to check one of our bank accounts.....the one on which I wrote these 2 checks.
Are you way ahead of me here or what? lol

I pull up the current statement and lookie here!!  Check #2....the missing check has been cashed!
Check #1 he actually turned it? sign of it being cashed yet.

I checked the check image and apparently someone found check #2 in the band room and gave it to whoever is in charge of holding the trip money and they deposited's either that or #2 Son is confused and turned in check #2 and not check #1.
So I am waiting for the check #2 Son says he handed in to clear the account too so I can garnish some more of his wages to cover that one too.

Honestly, this kid is a great example of why we shouldn't put anything dangerous(access to large sums of money, fast cars, voting, military service, access to alcohol)into people's hands who's frontal lobes are NOT fully formed yet! 
He's a good kid and I love him dearly but he still needs firm direction and boundaries.

We had a talk with him about college the other week.  He needs to start doing some inner searching and then looking around at schools but he is so just not "there" yet.   Sometimes I think he's just not at the maturity level yet to deal with important decisions.  He's still so caught up in the superficial.....the teen stuff that doesn't matter.   I just don't see him going off to college after his Senior year, next year. 
We've let him know that some people just aren't ready to make big life decisions at 18 or 19 and it's ok to not go right to collge right away.   Sometimes working for a living helps them see things in a different light, ya know? 
He's got big dreams but we don't see him doing what he needs to do(or as much as he could be doing)to make those dreams a reality.  The road he wants to travel down is a hard one for his field.  He doesn't have the thick skin he is going to need to keep pushing at this goal to be successful.  I know first hand how it is but of course I'm his mom and I'm an idiot and anything I tell him just passes through from one ear, out the other one.   I can't keep pulling and dragging him, he needs to start pushing himself down the road to success.  Otherwise it becomes all about MY ambition instead of his.
Maybe he'll do some "growing" this Summer.  I hope so.

I did have a energy spurt on Tuesday though.  I dirtied up a bunch of dishes in the kitchen cooking up a storm.

I made the best ham and bean soup ever.
Leftover ham slices, onions and garlic....

diced veggies.....

Chicken stock, Northern beans and it's soup!

I whipped up a big mess of Green Bean Casserole....
that's before it cooked. Too busy eating to take an AFTER photo. lol

Then it was 4 loaves of French bread.....just the dough photo.....

 Really, the AFTER photo was much more appetizing. ;-)

And there was a big pot of Halushki as well.

After my dental appt. I made a pot of "Italian Sunday gravy"(aka spaghetti sauce) and plopped in some sausage from the freezer for flavor before I took a pill and hit the bed.
Hubs took care of simmering some ravioli and making garlic bread(with my homemade bread)for Valentine's Day.  I ate a small piece of bread and had a chaser of Oragel for dinner.
I did splurge on 4 Cannolis for us at $1.50 a piece, for the Love Day.  Yes, love turns me into a wanton spenderthrift.....

And I did find a science experiment in the fridge this week.  I think it began as some leftover bechamel sauce....but from the looks of it on Wednesday, that would be an educated guess only. 8-(

All that cooking about did me in though and I've gotten very little else done this week besides a trip to Rite-Aid and a trip to the grocery store, a trip to credit union, a trip to school to bring the ever forgetfull #2 Son his instrument for a pep rally and 2 trips to the PO.  Geez....I did do more than I though this week!

And the topper of the week was that Daughter got into the Nursing Program at school but has decided not to pursue that degree here.  She has decided to move to Louisiana and go to school there, hoping she gets into their Nursing Program.  While having a bird in the hand(the acceptance here)is something to consider carefully she is not happy living here.  While I am excited for her and what this change may bring I have concerns with her moving so far away from home.  I know I have to let her go and make her own decisions but the mom in me is having a hard time accepting her choices.

It's just been a hard week for me in more than one way.  Excuse me while I hold a little pity party for myself. ;-)



  1. Oh, poor you. Tooth pain is the worse. You're right, the 27th can't come soon enough. Can you call and see if they may have any openings sooner? Or give you something stronger than oragel? (Congrats to Dd for getting accepted to nursing school, even if she's decided to pursue other options!)

    1. Tanner,
      If the pain gets too bad for me to handle I will call the dentist and get something stronger. I hate being drugged up but I won't suffer needlessly.
      Thanx on daughter's acceptance....she still wants to do the nursing thing, just not here, so she's applying to the school in LA that she's going to go to. She has confidence that since she got in here, she'll get in there. I don't want to burst her bubble on that but I have brought up the scenario she doesn't get into the program at the new school and that she needs to make a back-up plan.

  2. Sluggy I feel your pain on everyone one of these. In fact have you met my children because they could double for yours. Oh and my youngest just got into Penn State along with her number three and four school but is upset because she didnt get into her number one school because.......they have nicer dorms.


    1. LOLZ....typical teenager thinking, right? Unless she is studying interior design and industrial construction, the dorms should be a bit lower on the "why to go to this school" list. ;-) Tell her the reason college costs so much and goes up about 18% in price every year is in part, because of nicer dorms. lol

  3. Sorry about your tooth, Slugs! The last time I had something like that, I tried to ignore the pain; took an Advil and it didn't help. I was out later and drank a beer; didn't help at all, in fact, I could hardly drive home. I sat up in a chair in misery for the rest of the night because I could not sleep, counted the minutes until I thought it was OK to call the dentist (6AM, I think) and he said, "What would you like me to do about it?" !@#$% !

    Went in for a rendevouz with him at 7AM (it was Saturday) and he took out my abscessed wisdom tooth in pieces (it kept cracking and each time he'd say "I was hoping that wouldn't happen.") So yeah, I went from zero to 9.5 on the pain scale in about 12 hours and that was what happened.

    1. Geez! Sounds bloody awful....I'm glad you survived.
      If the dentist had what he/she did(what would you like me to do about it)and you had been standing there, I think there might have been a very different ending to your story. lol

  4. You really deserve a pity party every day with a toothache. My daughter is going through the same thing with her senior boy. Loiusiana is hot! as in temperature.

    1. PP-thanks for the party. I'll be happy when it's not needed anymore tho. lol
      Children are such a joy when zombies come and steal their brains during those teen years. Your daughter has my sympathy too. ;-)

      Louisiana is damned hot! lol It's what she wants.

  5. That is a week you won't want to repeat any time soon!! HOLY MOLY! Your cheque saga is priceless - I would have throttled #2 son by the end of it! Perhaps you did :)! Oragel chaser? Hoo boy what a wild time you're having!

    1. Jane, I'm sure next week will bring even more FUN to my life. lol
      I just wish the check saga was through.

  6. Please tell me they gave you some antibiotics for the root canal... I'm not a fan of over using them, but I have to believe there is some infection as part of this. I pity you for sure!

    1. Thank Alex. I'm thinking the specialist will give me antibiotics post canal. I'm hoping to get a cancellation appt. sooner than the 27th.

  7. When I had my root canal I called them ever single day once in the morning and once after lunch to see if they had any cancellations. It got me in there 6 days earlier....try it...and vodka..lots of vodka

    1. Yes, I'll be calling them starting Monday for cancellations. And yes, vodka would help sterilize the area and if any slipped down my throat by mistake?.....oh well, I'll have to deal with it, won't I? lol

  8. I'm with Judy, lots of vodka. I would also try calling every day. Your story about your son made me smile.

    1. Thanks ND Chic.
      Next time #2 Son wants something, I'll send him your way, ok?

  9. Boy can we empathize with you. It seems like everyone is just having a week from "you-know-where."

    My wife had a particularly troublesome tooth that went through a root canal and crown, and eventually got extracted. She had a chronic infection that was acting like a sinus problem. Once this tooth was gone, the infection went away. She decided that this tooth was hopeless, and she wanted it gone after all the problems it caused. It makes me mad that she went through a lot of needless suffering. (Apparently we found a better dentist after we moved.)

    We've accepted that fact that our son will be taking a little longer to transition into adult life. He has mild Aspergers. One of the ways this manifests itself is emotional immaturity. He's 14, going on 10. He'll be able to function as an adult. It will just take a little longer.

    I was a marching band kid in high school. What instrument does your son play?

    1. Sean, I am about at the point of just having this tooth yanked, except that the tooth next to it was my problematic tooth(cracked on vacation, repaired, cracked again, root canal couldn't be completed, it was capped, crown wouldn't stay, he "buried" it under filling composite which held for 2+ years, then it wore off and cracked again and I just said pull it). So if I yank this one you will be able to park a car on that side of my mouth. lol I like chewing too much I suppose.

      The kids, they all mature at their own rate and we(society) needs to stop trying to fit them all into the same mold and making them feel "less than" when they aren't cut out to be just like everyone else. ;-)
      I'm happy that your son was born into a world where there have been many of advances in recognizing and aiding spectrum kids. My Hubs brother, we suspect, was on the mild end of the spectrum. Of course back in the early '50s, the world was very different and there was little diagnosis, no real treatment and society forced you to either deny there were any issues or make horrible choices for your child. A parent having their child's back was and is the best thing for a "special" kid, let alone ANY kid.

      #2 Son plays the flute and sometimes the piccolo in the MB. He also plays bass(rock)in the Jazz band and has been teaching himself the standing bass as part of a Strings Ensemble.

  10. Sluggy:

    Pity party sounds good. I have also had a tooth bothering me (broke in a couple of places with a massive filling) so after $160 in xrays the dentist told me what I already knew - the tooth is not worth fixing and should be extracted. But, since the tooth is a back tooth and instead of two roots it looks like there is only one which might necessiate sawing into the bone, it is off to the specialist ($340) to have that done. Yippee!!


  11. Why is it that life goes to sheet whenever we are at death's doorway?
    Kids you gotta love'em. I understand how they can make you crazy. I really do. I say pin the check to your dear son's shirt and send him to school. The embarrassment may make him remember. LOL
    As for your dear daughter, send her to Anna. Maybe two crazies will make one sane.


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