Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I saw this posted on Facebook and had to share.

This is by far the best "Roommate Wanted" ad ever posted on Craigslist.
See it HERE.
The ad isn't the great part.
And be sure to click on the link in the ad to see his bio....he's an interesting guy!

Now the best part of the ad isn't the ad per se.
It's the Song a Day he wrote about his ad.
Check it out....

If only I needed a Brooklyn......and I wasn't



  1. He's a charming young man. Good luck to him finding a great roommate. 10 for originality. Love the "intern".

  2. I wonder if I could find a teaching job in Brooklyn! He's so cute - I think he would be a crazy good time!

  3. But Sluggy, you know how much it costs to rent in the big city????

  4. Love it...but my plan is to live with you :)

  5. He gets points for being creative.

  6. Hmm.. He didn't say "no middle aged women with weight issues and kids"... I might have shot!

  7. He's cute, but no way would I pay that rent!

  8. He is absolutely adorable. I laughed out loud watching his video!


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