Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Fun Never Ends!

Do you know what time it is kiddies?
Yes, it's time for......

Not my desk, but it could be.

I am off to start the torture for another year.
I'll be back later tonight, if I don't decide I need to start drinking heavily instead.....

As we spend the next few weeks undergoing this needless torture, maybe it's a good time to bring the subject of totally transforming the way we are taxed and pay those taxes in this country.
While the lunacy of this tax system is fresh on your brain, go check this out A Better Way-The Fair Tax Plan.

Time to wrestle with forms and publications......*sigh*.....



  1. Plus my daughters form for college hasnt come I am trying to search out this supposedly new tax credit for health insurance in you paid more than a certain amount. My friends swears its there but I can only find the same old tax credit for health insurance

  2. Our tax return is fairly easy. I am so glad.

  3. I checked out your link and I think its a great idea.

  4. Good luck!! We are still missing a few papers before we can start working on all this madness!

  5. Good luck! :) I'm procrastinating on mine since I'm tired of recalculating those things.

  6. oh my gosh, I so hear you on this one. My husband changed jobs last year and we switched over our 401K to IRAs. What a tax hassle. We won't owe anything, but I have to input all of those 1098's and 1099's. Yuck.

    Would LOVE tax reform!

  7. I can complain and I can't. My FIL is a CPA and he does our taxes. Mind you, I have everything sorted and ready with a cheat sheet. But he enters everything. We give him a $25 gift card for his troubles. It isn't much but I'm grateful. And the kicker is barely anyone pays him! I would revolt but he is too kind. This is so bad of me but whenever I find out that someone doesn't pay him. I ask them(when no one is around) how much they put on a gift card for him. I say we always give him at least enough to cover a nice meal. He's getting a lot more gift cards now.


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