Monday, February 11, 2013

Meal Planning Feb. Week 3 & Food Spending Week 2

Here is the only photo I took of the "Nemo" we got around here.  Snowfall totaled about 6-7 inches.

Oh the inhumanity of it all!  Will I ever be able to sit on my swing again? lol
To a Southerner(except for those raised in the mountains), THIS amount of snow is enough to make you panic.  Nobody can drive in it, most places don't have the equipment to deal with it and everybody goes nuts thinking they'll never be able to buy food at the grocery store again!
I must say that "real" snowfall amounts were a novelty to me the first few years I lived above the Mason-Dixon Line, and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing snow.
But it wears off right quick when you have to shovel it.

Good luck up in New England though as they got total snowfalls like we use to get in the Poconos every year.   Here's our previous house.....

I can't believe we lived there and SHOVELED out multiple times a Winter without a snowblower for 14 YEARS!  We were young and healthier......oh, and broke, so couldn't justify the expense of a snowthrowing machine.

So you folks in CT, RI, MA and ME have my sympathies.

And here is what actually got served last week......

Sunday--Chicken Fajitas
Monday--Taco Bell or Fend for Yourself
Tuesday--Salmon, Broccoli
Wednesday--Pan Saute Chicken, leftover rice from Take-Out, leftover Corn
Thursday--leftover Chicken Fajitas
Friday--Buffalo Blue Cheese Chicken Dip with Celery or leftover Tortilla Chips
Saturday--Hamburgers, French Fries, leftover Salad

I served about half of what I had planned.  The hot dogs, ,the soup and the ravioli got moved to this week.  Friday the Daughter was all jazzed to make some amazing chicken dip she had had before.  It called for 2 bottles of Frank's hot sauce(2 bottles!!!)so I knew I'd probably be dieting on Friday whether I wanted to or not. lol  She cut down on the hot sauce but it was still too spicy for me, though I did eat some of it.  It was also a CHEESE OVERLOAD.  So between the mega cheese and the hot sauce, let's just say I was not a happy camper on Saturday who stuck close to the bathroom and leave it at that.   Next time, I'll eat less of that hot mess and carry a box of baby wipes with me for the next 24 hours.  LOLZ
Now that I've scarred you for life.....let's move on.

The food spending last week?
I spent $120.90 at my 2 stores.  Most of the damage was done at Weis PMITA Markets.  I bought dairy products for Daughter's dip(everything was on sale thankfully), fruit, ravioli, asparagus, beans, OJ, clearance bologna, 3lb. of ground beef and splurged on a box of Crab Rangoons.  Then I stocked up on 6 100% juices, honey, 3lbs. of catfish and 4 pizzas, the ones we love best(on sale AND used Qs!). A sale pack of Salmon, Cabbage, Onions and frozen Green Beans(all on sale)rounded out my shopping for the week.

I've spent $206.92 and I am left at this point with $193.08 in my food budget for February.

As for leftovers rolling into this week--the only thing is a big bowl of that Chicken Dip stuff.  I'm not eating it but the family has orders to do so since it sure did cost a fortune!
If I have to buy some chips or something to get them to use it up, by gosh I will.....even if I have to pay retail for the chips!! ;-)


Here is what is getting served this week.....
Sunday--Hot Dogs, Grilled Asparagus
Monday--Ham and Bean Soup, Green Bean Casserole, homemade Bread
Tuesday--Halushki + Ham Soup/GB Casserole, Bread
Wednesday--Meatloaf, Potatoes(not sure which way), Cauliflower
Thursday--Leftovers or Fend for Yourself
Friday--Ravioli, Sausage Sauce, Caesar Salad
Saturday--Maybe Chinese date nite with Hubs

Needed at the store to serve the meals I am making this week?
I already picked up the Asparagus, Cabbage, Celery, frozen Green Beans, frozen Ravioli and a can of beans(for the soup-can you believe I had no dried Northern beans left?)last week.   
Still need....Romaine lettuce, milk. I'm looking to stay out of the store(except to do my Price Book Week 6 numbers) so I'll give myself $40 this week just in case a good deal comes up.

What's on your menu for the week?  Any good deals at the grocers this week?
Did you have any food waste this week?  I need to clean out the nether regions of my fridge this week and I have a bad bad feeling I'm going to find a science experiment back there. lol



  1. I went grocery shopping today and got a couple great deals! A 5lb bag of grapefruit for $2.00 and a 5lb bag of potatoes for $.68!! Unheard of! lol!! Also grabbed stuff I shouldn't have.. (junk for kids.. such is life. lol!)

  2. My food waste:

    This week:
    Mon: Turkey slices, salad greens, tomatoes on bread, orange, banana
    Tue: greens and tomato with can of tuna, apple and orange
    Wed: turkey slices, brussel sprouts, sweet potato
    Thu: I have to get enough food from the refrigerator freezer so I can get an ice cube tray in there. I am tired of drinking room temperature cokes, so I will eat anything, preferably food that will feed exbf on Friday, too.

  3. Hmmm maybe we can find you one of those purse size baby wipe holders for next time. I now how you feel thugh spicy stuff just doesnt agree with me at all

    1. hehehe....I think it was the spice AND all that cheese. Never

  4. No food waste for me, hurray. Saw a bunch of tomatoes and half an onion and some fresh white mushrooms looking sad, so I had a breakfast omelette for dinner. I love using near-gone produce on omelettes. Other than that, no food waste. My grocers suck, sadly, so no good deal... just kind of meh. Thank goodness I'm set until at least next week.

    1. Yay you! Omelettes are great for using stuff up. Well done....

  5. Love that you're willing to pay retail for the chips to get the dip eaten. :-) When the lovely husband is out of town, we go very low tech here. I like to call it, pull out whatever looks easy & kid friendly & heat it up. :-) It's how we use up the bulk of the leftovers, although M will certainly eat them if I jazz them up a bit (and, don't serve them back to back.) It's the small things in life.

    We're having house guests (my big boy is turning seven), so we're having a taco & margarita party on Friday, takeout on Saturday, & probably leftovers on Sunday. I need to think about Valentine's Day. Late meeting, & no time to get fancy.

    1. A taco and margarita party for a 7 year old? Love it!! lol
      Valentine's day isn't even on my radar yet. Might be a raincheck this year. ;-)

  6. The bottom picture looks like we had last week. And we still don't own a snow blower. Every year I tell my husband that we need to invest into one but it's never in our budget. But, I guess, shoveling the snow makes us exercise :)


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