Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Whole Lotta Nothing Good this Week

One more day until I get my tooth fixed folks!
The last 2+ weeks have not been great here and I apologize that the blog content has suffered.  It's hard to get motivated to do anything when you feel like crap.

My dentist appt. is tomorrow and now I can't find the appt. card with the guy's name and location on it or the x-ray my dentist gave me to take to him.
Just great.

I am just a mess lately.....what can I say?

My To-Do List for February has suffered as well.  I've gotten Jack Shit done.  It's hard to focus when you have a mouth full of hurt and have been on painkillers most days.  Heck, I can't even focus long enough to read a chapter in my current book.
I've been lucky to remember to pay the bills this month!
Oh, wait!!  I forgot one......  Hopefully I'll remember to pay it after I get this posted. lol

The one good thing about hurting is that I haven't felt like going anywhere or spending any money(besides the grocery store).

I usually do the state and federal taxes, but this year I handed them over to Hubs to work on since the Vicodin clouds my mind and in my drug induced state I might claim the entire population of the state of Rhode Island as dependents or something.
Mostly I wanted him to handle the Education Credit stuff this year since it became MORE complicated than in years past, due to the fact that we took distributions from ESAs for 2 of the kids.
The whole thing is a witches brew of taxable and non-taxable with inscrutable rules and formulas. 
So in my lucid moments between pills I've been checking on his work and he made 2 big goofs(not claiming something and claiming way too much for something else) that I am glad I caught. 
I ended up being hands-on with the return anyway. sigh
I've got it all filled out except for the supporting charitable deductions "in kind" list.  I'll be finishing it this weekend after the mouth is happier.
I just want it done and I want my dining room table back!!! lol

I got the FAFSA done too.  Only 1 child to fill it out for this year since #1 son is graduating in the Spring...yay!
I don't know why I fill this out anyway since Daughter will be going to a community college and she won't get any aid(not that she needs it anyway), but fill it out I do.

The marching band trip missing check debacle......the second missing check has turned up.  Both checks have been cashed according to my bank account.  #2 Son still needs to make sure they were both cashed by the band group.  So we have overpaid for this band trip.  Lovely.  I'll have to make sure once they figure out the final payment(which should be less than what I paid x 2), that I get any excess funds back.

#2 Son is in mourning today.  Seems the meeting about who gets accepted into the Young Scholar/College Program at the high school was yesterday.  They go by class ranking and he missed the cutoff by 9 spaces.  And his girlfriend got in.
And he needs 2 wisdom teeth extracted plus we think he has strep throat.
So there is no joy in Mudville today.....

Oh and I fired our family doctor today.  Yes, the idiots who took over his office and management of his practice drove me to it.  I told the little 20 year old college student receptionist bitch today what I thought of them all.
Not returning phone calls......not telling patients that the dr.  is sick and won't be in.....not telling patients that the dr. has NO ONE currently covering for him when he's sick and you need to go to Urgent Care until you actually talk to a live person on the phone, which you can't do for 4 days since they never returned my calls until this afternoon.
I am over this quack and his office of quackers!

Ok, It's time for more drugs.....
I'll be back later if I can remember where my computer desk is. ;-)




  1. Poor Sluggy. Hope you feel a lot better after your visit. It does seem that when it rains, it pours!

  2. I am sorry you have been in such pain. Hope you are better soon.

  3. I hope you feel better. I hope your son feels better. I hope doing your taxes gets done and over with and is correct. I hope the money for the bank trip finds its way back to you. I hope your ex doctor pisses off. There is a whole lotta hoping in there for you.

  4. I complained to my doctor about his bitch receptionist. He stuck up for her, but I pointed out other people did her job with more grace and manners. He said no one had ever complained before. (Not much of a defense!) In two weeks he had fired her bitchy ass. Maybe your doctore deserves to know why you left and not from her lips.

    Okay, by now you should be fixed...lol. I hope the visit went well.

  5. Goodness! I hope you feel better soon.

    My wife went through some chronic problems with one of her teeth. After a root canal, a crown, and still a chronic infection in what was left of the tooth she had it taken out. She's been problem free for about three years now.


  6. BTW, I get the impression you're in the Central PA area. my family and I lived in Binghamton for 14 years, not far from the PA border. We used to take the kids to the Steamtown museum in Scranton all the time.

  7. Oh my goodness!!! I'm sorry you're feeling icky in most places! I HATE that kind of thing...


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