Tuesday, February 5, 2013

January Goals Final Check-In

This year I am going to Set my 2013 Goals by the Month instead of for the Year.
So each month I'll put up my TO DO LIST and cross off the goals as they are completed.
End of each month, I'll do a final check-in on what was accomplished and what wasn't.

This is January's Final Check-In......

* Gather Tax Records--DONE!  Now the REAL FUN begins as we actually DO the taxes.  lol

* Make New Price Book--IN PROGRESS  We are in Week 5 of this 6 Week process.  Price Book will be finished this month.

* Shut Down eBay Store--DONE!  Accomplished halfway through January.  Bill was also paid in full, despite eBay sending me WARNING LETTERS for 3 weeks.  It was difficult ignoring those letters, since I was getting a bill credit for unused eBay Store time, but I held off and I still misjudged my credit by $1.12.....meaning I have a credit with eBay of $1.12.  Maybe I should start sending them threatening letters that they owe me money and they'd better pay me or else!!!

* Clean out InkFrog files & Close Account--IN PROGRESS  I emptied about 100 picture files but then began rethinking shutting it down right now.  It's going to be a very large job to save all my files to my hard drive so I'll have this expense for a few more months. It goes onto February's List.

* Scan 1 scrapbook of photos--FAIL  I got the book picked out but haven't begun this project yet.  It goes onto February's List.

* Finish reading the John Lee Holt book--DONE!  This was difficult.  Being as it is the compilation of personal letters this ancestor wrote home to his wife and family, it had no editorial rewriting to make it "hang" together like a work of fiction type book.  So I did better with reading it continuously every day or so, rather than picking it up in fits and starts and reading short amounts every few weeks or once a month, as I had been tackling it.  But reading it continuously was also difficult emotionally because I felt truly connected to him(and am via DNA)and his plight and I knew how his life's journey ended, so I read with a most heavy heart.  I received the book in June of 2012 and because it was emotionally draining to read, I hadn't gotten very far by the end of the year, as I was forever putting the book down.  I changed my plan of attack on the book(pardon me John!lol)and despite the gloominess of my mood, read it through in January.
I guess unless you are a Southerner who has not been brainwashed by all the tomes of Yankee mythology and propaganda that passes for truth out there regarding Lincoln's War, you don't understand what is in the mind and hearts of the Southern people.  And you wouldn't have been affected like I was by this book.

* Put Christmas stuff away--DONE!  The putting away went quite smoothly this year and I believe was accomplished quicker than in years past.  Yay us!

* Defrost the Freezer--DONE!  Thanks to #2 Son one day when school was cancelled because of weather conditions, we knocked this one out of the ballpark in 3 hours.  It did involve food filled coolers, winter gloves, bowls of ice and rubber mallets. 'Nuf said.....

* Drop National Comsumer Panel/Nielsen Membership--DONE!  I've got to laugh because the first Sunday evening after I sent the Nielsen scanner back I was feeling all anxious and jumpy.  And then I realized why....Sunday evening was my deadline for scanning purchases into NCP for the week.  For the last few years, being a member of that group, I had been putting pressure on myself every Sunday to get everything scanned before the scanner started beeping and uploading the data.  I realized at that moment how much I HATED doing this!  Seriously, it was a lot of stupid grunt work for literally NO reward.  No money and little piddley "rewards" or prizes.  And they kept dangling the prize carrot in your face on a stick.  Add in that their instructions SUCKED and nothing worked like it was suppose to and they made you feel like it was YOUR fault.  And god forbid you have a problem with the equipment and had to actually call them.  Their CS people were surly at best and condescending and rude at worst.  You would think that they'd want to be helpful?  Ha!  They talked down to you like you were 6 years old and didn't know how to operate a toaster, let alone anything a bit more technologically advanced.  I guess that's what you get when you locate your call center/company on Long Island NY.  Now I am not condemning all folks from that part of the country, but from my experience with many of them(having lived and worked in the metro NY/NJ area)is that a high concentration of people from there are loud and obnoxious.  It would be very easy to get a bunch of people working there who exude attitude all day long in their every day life.  People who don't interact with people from that area of the country on a regular basis don't understand that this is normal operating mode in daily life, and don't appreciate being talked down to in that way.   I was part of a similar program years ago that was operated out of Charleston, South Carolina.  The difference in how those employees in their CS Dept. treated you was the day to the night(mare) that those Nielsen(aka National Consumer Panel)people were!

* Celebrate my Birthday!--DONE!  I think we did a right good job of celebrating me in January.  We did some nice eating out(nothing extravagant except the steak house)and used quite a few FREEBIES and gift cards, keeping the costs down.

So I completed 7, 2 In Progress rolled over into February and 1 Fail, which also rolls over into February's List.

I'm good with how I did on my January Goals.
February Goals are posted and this month will be more challenging given I've rolled these 3 goals onto what I already had planned.
Here's hoping your January Goals went smoothly!



  1. Thanks for the heads up on Nielsen. I actually considered doing it. I worked for a mystery shopping site that talked down to me all the time. I am not the village idiot, despite what they implied. It is really annoying to have a 20-yr-old girl talk down to me. I was always in trouble and felt like I was threatened. There was no carrot, only the stick.

    Why do you pay a photo service when you can use Blogger's picasa? Is there an advantage? When I take a picture, my Kodak program grabs it and I have all my pictures there, free.

  2. I have been cutting back on a lot of my rewards programs, too. They just don't reward worth the effort anymore. Hubby used to work for a mystery shop company. And it stopped paying as well, so he stopped working for it.


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