Sunday, February 24, 2013

About Judy

About Judy's blog going missing again.....
I've been in touch with Judy.
She has taken down her blog for good so she won't be back.  She has her reasons, which are very valid but they are private so please don't go asking me to share that.

Judy had...HAS a unique view on life and I know we will all miss her blogging voice.
She will still be reading and commenting on the blogs she reads so look for her there.
She will still be around. 8-)

If anyone wants to leave a comment here for Judy, feel free.  I know she'll be reading.



  1. She will definitely be missed as a blogger. You're right, she does have a unique view that is much appreciated.

  2. thanks everyone as sluggy said so nicely I can not blog again sometimes you have to make the hard choices. But I will be showing up on all your blogs because I can! And when I pay this next debt off maybe somebody..cough..cough..will let me post on her.

    I truely loved my blog as off the wall as it was and as bad as my spelling always was. And sluggy will always know how to reach me....

    1. you always made me laugh will miss you to pieces

  3. I love her honesty! J udy,,, you will be missed but always do what is right for you! ((hugs))

  4. I am not a blogger, just a reader, but I always enjoyed Judy's blog. Her tips were practical and helpful and she had her own unique voice. I will miss reading her blog every day. Good luck Judy!

  5. Judy's blog was the first I would go to daily. Loved reading about her life and family.

  6. Oh wow she was one of the first I read daily, her outlook was so refreshing I will definitely miss her😣

  7. I was sad to see that she took her blog down. I loved reading her blog and her outlook on things. She definitely inspired me to try bulk cooking. I will miss her.

  8. Heh. Not sure what I can say, except that it makes me really, really sad. Best wishes to her, and good luck with the fundraiser.

  9. Sluggy

    Please tell Judy I will be thinking about her and her family. The way of life she lives brings me back to my upbringing on several levels. It was always a comfort to read about a family able to keep their core values in this day and age. A place to go to when you feel the world is not what it once was.

    Best wishes from Best Bun.

  10. Judy - you will be missed. Hugs to you and your family.


  11. I will miss Judy too, I read it every day . Hope all is well and she returns

  12. Judy's blog was my "go-to" every morning and her honest, down-to-earth writing will be greatly missed. Judy, if you see this, you have a very unique voice. Even if it's not blogging any more, I hope someday you find a way to again communicate with the world and share your wisdom (and humor, love, foibles, etc.) with us.

    Oh, and I hope you'll let me know how your dessert dash goes at the fundraiser! Be sure to put out that plate of fig newtons (you can replace it with a nicer dessert later) - it gets the other tables to bid higher because no one wants to be stuck with it!

  13. I'm so sorry Judy took her blog down! She will be missed.

  14. Judy,

    I'm so sorry you had to shut down your blog. As others have already said, you were my "morning smile". Your ray of sunshine in the blogosphere will be missed greatly.

    Please know that you have many fans and supporters who you may not know because we don't have blogs, but we care for you (and your family) very much. Please keep "in touch" by posting comments, and YES! please guest post!!! You have touched so many lives, I hope you won't disappear completely!

    You will always have my best wishes, deep appreciation for all you have shared, and your family will always be in my thoughts ("WhatWouldJudyDo?") and prayers.

    Much love and appreciation,

    "An Anonymous Reader"

  15. Judy, you can see how much you will be missed. Good Luck and hope to hear from you again in the future!!

  16. Judy,
    It is just awful being on the internet without you! Your blog was the first I read in the morning and the last one I would look for at night.

    Who is going to encourage me? Who is going to give me inspiration?

    All I can say is: booooooo hooooooooo!



  17. It's a sad day.
    I hope that you keep in touch with her and give us updates on her from time to time.

  18. Judy, I miss you already! Angela


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