Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Frugal Stock Ups with Instant Discount Deals

So the stores around here don't seem to do traditional Catalinas much anymore.
They do these "Instant Discount" deals....spend $X or buy X number of items and get $X off your order instantly.
No catalinas to roll.
I'm sort of liking them actually.

Weis had a Unilever Instant Discount Deal last week which involved spending $15 in select products and getting a $5 discount on your order.

I was running low on spaghetti sauce, mayo and peanut butter so this came at the right time for me.

I bought this.....

 8 x Ragu spaghetti sauce on sale $1.50.
The regular retail is $1.99 each so the total was $15.92 shelf price so it qualified for the $5 discount.
But the sale price that week was $1.50 each, so my subtotal was $12.00.
The $5 discount brought the total down to $7.00.
And I had 2 x .50¢/1 IPQs which doubled to $1 off each jar, so I got an additional $2 off the order,, making my OOP $5 for 8 jars which is 62.5 cents per jar.
Even without the additional Qs, the per jar price would have been 87.5 cents each.
Around here, the jarred sauce buy price is $1.25, so I was very happy to get this deal.  I didn't do this deal more than once though because I got jarred sauce at the Shursave market Heinz deal last week as well.

Then I went back and did this deal....

3 x Hellman's Mayo reg. price $4.39, sale price $3.00
1 x Skippy PButter reg. price $3.29, sale price $2.50
Reg. price subtotal was $16.49, Sale price subtotal was $11.50

$11.50-$5 Instant Discount=$6.50.
I had a $1/3 Hellman's ManuQ which brought my OOP down to $5.50.

Then I downloaded 4 more Qs from the Walmart site for Skippy and Hellman's Mayo and bought this....

2 x Skippy PButter reg. price $3.29, sale price $2.50 each
2 x Hellman's Mayo reg. price $4.39, sale price $3.00 each
Subtotal reg. price $15.36, sale price $11.00 OOP
Instant Discount $5 applied, making the OOP $6.00

I had 2 x $1/1 Hellman's IPQs=$2.00 off
I had 2 x $.75/1 Skippy IPQs(which doubled to $1)=$2.00
Total Qs=$4.00

$6.00-$4.00=$2.00 OOP
This made each item .50¢.

Not bad for things I needed to stock up on, huh?



  1. Well.. I wouldn't stock up on Hellman's... We're the types that would drive 3 miles on our riding lawn mower to the neighbors to get some Miracle Whip...

  2. Ragu is more than that down here. It was 2/$4 and with a coupon for 50 cents that was doubled, I got them for $1.50.

    I spent Sat night using all coupons expiring the last day of March and am now set for dill pickle relish and sweet pickle relish AND mustard. It should run out in about three I still have at least one of each from my stock up several years ago on mustard and relish.

    Of course, my deals are never as good as yours! But, the small jars of the relishes and the small mustard for 50 cents each was good.

  3. Awesome prices! We don't have any stores that double here, and there are less and less higher value coupons now :( But you didawesome!

  4. You're getting your food practically free! I hope you don't get arrested for robbery.


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