Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Not-So Love Affair With Motorized Vehicles

Well I took #2 Son down to the DMV(dept. of motor vehicles)on thursday after school for him to take his learner's permit test and hopefully get his permit, if he passed the test.
So we get called up to the desk and the guy goes through our paperwork to see that everything is in order.
Then he clears us & #2 Son goes over to the machine and I sit down and cross my fingers. 

And he passed! 8-)

So then we go over to another clerk and he tells me how much to make the check out for and then he flips one of the forms back and forth and makes an, "Uh oh" noise.
Uh-oh noises out of DMV clerks are not what you want to hear......

And he says, "One moment", and goes off to chat with the 1st clerk who cleared our paperwork.
They both come back after #2 Son and I give each other about 10 looks that say, "Oh Crap!...What now?!?".
Clerk #1 explains that the physical form, that the doctor filled out, that one section of it was done incorrectly.  This is the section where the doctor is suppose to check off from a given list if the permitee has any of the listed medical conditions/illnesses that will be a roadblock for him/her to be able to drive.  You are only suppose to check a condition IF it WILL be an issue for the new driver.  The list contains things like epilepsy, heart condition, diabetes, renal failure, neurological seizures, an amputation of a limb, deafness, etc.
Our doctor has checked off EVERY SINGLE BOX instead of no boxes!
Clerk #2 said, "Yah, according to your doctor, your son has about 5 minutes left to live."


Then Clerk #2 said that the form instructions use to be to check the boxes if the permit-ee did NOT have these conditions, but that the state had changed the form, so that now you only check off the boxes that apply to your permit-ee's health.

So we had to go back to the doctor with a clean form and have him redo it.  Of course, the receptionist at the dr. office got a real good laugh out of it and the dr., god that he is, insisted that HE did not make a mistake.
Yah right......

So #2 Son didn't get his permit Thursday.
But we just have to take the paperwork back and pick up the permit.
His test is valid for 30 days, as is the eye test they administered.
He'll have his permit in his hot little hands by Saturday afternoon and then he'll commence to start nagging us to take him driving.
Oh goody....I can't wait! lol

On the way home after all THAT fun, I had to stop and fill my tank at the gas station.
I drive so rarely lately that this is the first time I've put gas in my car in about a month.
I bet each and every one of you, no matter where you live, heard me freaking out over the price per gallon on the sign and how much it actually cost me to fill my tank.  I had just under 1/4 of a tank when I pulled into the station, so 3/4 of a tank cost me SIXTY ONE DOLLARS!!!!!!!
Yes, that WAS 7 exclamation marks......

And it was *ONLY*sarcasm alert* $3.93 per gallon.

And on a similar note.....
Thanks for all the advise on our car dilemma I posed earlier this week.
Hubs and I had a sit-down over the options and have concurred that 1 car for now is best, rather than 2.

We'll start window shopping online locally this weekend and then take some information to the car insurance guy so he can run the numbers on different makes and models to see, when all other things being equal, which cars would be less expensive to insure.
We also have to let the insurance guy know that #2 Son is Road Ready.....eep!

PS--Blogger changed up the Control Board on us today and I am NOT liking this new look.  I may be slow for a week or two getting posts up.  I am old and I don't take change well anymore it seems......bleh.



  1. "Clerk #2 said, "Yah, according to your doctor, your son has about 5 minutes left to live.""-I laughed until I was making a croaking noise. I'm so sorry to laugh at your misfortune at the DMV.

  2. I hate the way everythng seems to be smaller and less distinctive. The print is faint! No, I don't like this new blogger at all!

  3. Have fun riding with the new driver. I won't tell you how scary that can be.

  4. Not sure what gas prices were like elsewhere, but our high recently was $3.59. It was back down to $3.39 yesterday.

    Back in the day, driver's ed was a required course in our school, so I never had to go through testing for a learner's permit. We don't have to have medical physicals here, either.


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