Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Big Scan of 2012...Some Photos

They called the Boston subway the Big Dig, so I'm calling my scanning project the Big Scan.

I finally figured out how to empty my sd card so I am up to about 100 pictures digitized so far.

Here is Easter 1960 with my 2 brothers....
My mom was all about those holiday posed photos and new clothes.  I bet she sewed my dress in that photo.  It's yellow.  I have never looked good in that color.  I always look like I'm ready for a liver transplant when I have worn yellow.
We each got a big(well, by the standards of the time)basket with candy/chocolate and "the Easter Bunny" always wrapped it up in colorful cellophane(so we couldn't eat any of that junk until all the photos were taken, Church attended, dinner eaten and then the parents said we could).  Maybe that's why were weren't happy on Easter until late in the day, after our 2 pm dinner?lol
And there are about 6 different photos of us in this pose in the album.  I guess it took that many to get us all standing together and not kicking, jumping, waving arms or bending over being silly.  But they still couldn't get us to look in the same direction.  And this is with NO candy in our systems.....well, I bet my brothers figured out how to sneak a few pieces from behind the cellophane wall by untaping, sneaking bits outs and retaping it up.  They were 7 and 8 yrs. old afterall.....what do you expect?

Here's how I use to cool off on really hot days in the South, circa 1960.  I'm 1.5 yrs old and I think I am "reading" a book.  Dig the neat-o home furnishings, especially the lamp and the carpet.  And you can see in the right corner bottom that my father still had some hair then.lol

And here I am in a winter coat and bonnet at Thanksgiving that year, looking bewildered as I usually did when I was a kid.....

See my ginormous head?  It's a wonder my mother found a hat to fit me that matched that teeny tiny sized coat.lol  Maybe that's why I don't look particularly happy.....because the hat is too tight!  I'm probably thinking, "Take your damned picture woman so I can get this torture device off my head already!!".....or maybe it's, "You keep saying you love me but you continue to stuff me into clothes and hats that are too small and/or just plain uncomfortable.  Is this what love is suppose to be?"
Yes, I was a deep thinker even back then....

And here is my first posed Photo with Santa in 1960.  I am almost 2 years old.....

Still got that "where am I?...who am I?" expression, don't I?
At that age, I was probably too petrified of this big strange man to move!  Most of my kids went through that "being frightened of strangers" phase.
 I bet I peed myself around the time this photo was snapped.....then I started wailing for my mom.

And again with the big headwear on my ginormous head!  And let's make it white so it makes her head look even bigger!
Since I can remember I have HATED things on my head.  I think it's normal given my mother's mission to put hats on me when I was a wee one.

Ok....onward to scanning 1961 now.....



  1. I think its the cutest head I have ever seen..

  2. So tell me, do you wear hats as an adult(I would put a question mark there but for some strange reason it`s not working properly). I was the geekiest looking kid ever. Knock knees, black glasses broken on the side and fixed with white tape, hair that looked like it had been caught in a fan - just the worst. It`s a wonder my parents kept me.

  3. Where did you get the idea your head was big?

    That is still the best way to cool off in the South! I just hope you had a diaper on. It is bad form to sit on furniture without bottoms. A few years ago, I would just wear panties in the house during the torrid summers of alabama.Now,I am afraid I would get a glimpse in a mirror.

    I see a stack of books--coming, going, or just resting in your house?

    Don't let people stand over you and take pictures. Of course, your head will look larger!

  4. AWEEEE!!! You were such a cutie pie!!!!


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