Monday, April 16, 2012

April Food Spending Week 2, Meal Plan April Week 23

The Weekly Vintage Kitchen is back!
Here is this week's model from 1955....
I don't know what to think of this one!  The linoleum floor throwback to the 1930's, the faux brick details that harks back to a colonial kitchen but the thoroughly modern(or should that be moderne?) look of metal cabinets and rounded too, along with oh so modern formica tops?  The formica tops also have that oh so 1950 classic diner metal edging on them.

What do you think about today's vintage kitchen?  Does it work for you in style and/or form?

Onward to the meal plans!
And here is the meal that actually happened last week.....

SUNDAY--Ham, Asparagus, Leeks in Cream Sauce, Great Aunt Lula's Rolls, Deviled Eggs
TUESDAY--Ham, Mac & Cheese, Cabbage, Leeks in cream sauce
WEDNESDAY--Sausage Sandwiches, Onions, Corn
THURSDAY--?  I can't remember  ate from here, not take-out
FRIDAY--Chinese Take-out
SATURDAY--Subway Subs, Salad

Sunday was busy as it was Easter and we had 4 more for dinner.  We ate ham again on Tuesday and I am slicing up the rest to tuck into the freezer this week for a later time, as we have hit our ham  Mostly we ate from what was here or had take-out.  I didn't do much actual 'cooking'.

The weekly food spending was $38.89 this past week. 
We hit the bakery outlet on Thursday and stocked up on some bread products for $9.89 for 9 items.
Then I hit the local grocery store on Saturday and spent $29.00....most of that was on bags of salad kids(on sale $1.99 again), orange juice($1.99), eggs(we were out), margarine(.99¢), fresh asparagus($1.49¢lb), a box of pasta(.79¢-a price I never see here!...should have bought more), and 5 bags of salty snacks($1.99 each).  I try to avoid the salty snacks but the other humans here insist on them.....and then I can't help myself if they are here. bleh.
Anyway, $115.68 spent for the month with half the month to go now.  I'm on track to stay under $300 at this point. Value of foods at $233.53 so my savings rate is just under 50%.  And that's with no coupons used at all this month.


In terms of leftovers, I'm going into this week with 2 Leeks and a bunch of dinner rolls.

This week's menu.....

SUNDAY--Lasagna, Salad
MONDAY--Sloppy Joes, Corn
TUESDAY--BBQ Chicken, Asparagus, Rolls
WEDNESDAY--Tuna Sub or Philly CheeseSteak Sub
THURSDAY--Tacos or Taco Salad
FRIDAY--Roast Pork with Dried Fruit, Rolls, Brussell Sprouts

This menu gives us 6 new meals and 1 night of leftovers.  Tuesday's meal will be grilled out.
I've make Leek Potato soup tomorrow and use it for my lunches (with the salad I bought on Saturday) for the rest of the week. 
 Items needed to buy for this menu are....taco shells and shaved steak for cheesesteaks.  Both are on sale this week at Weis.
We'll be buying milk as usual as well.

The only stock-up opportunities are for paper towels.  I am all out of towels and napkins....I had to pay retail 2 week's ago for an emergency pack of napkins.  Though it pains me to spend money on paper towels, with 2 old dogs, they are a necessity.  So I'll be combining Qs and sale prices and stocking up on paper towels this week.

With what I "need" this week and the paper towel stock-up, I'll spend around $40.  If some deals crops up, then it will be more.

So what is everyone else eating this week?



  1. I just have to admit that I'm doing it wrong. You are spending so much less than I am. Hmmmmm, I'm a failure.
    I have to do the once a month shopping for paper towels and household junk. This is where I blow it. Shhhhhh!

  2. I was in a cool thrift store this weekend and saw a pink vintage dish set. I immediately thought of you and your retro kitchen flashbacks :)

  3. Dinner
    *chicken in a salad with tomatoes and bag greens
    *chicken in a sandwich with greens and cheese
    *chicken salad with grapes and pecans
    *tuna in salad of greens and tomatoes
    repeat at random

    *2 scrambled eggs and milk for breakfast(no toast)
    *one scrambled egg and cheese, oj and milk
    *cereal and milk
    repeat at random

    *banana sandwich with Miracle Whip and pb
    *grilled cheese
    *boiled egg and oj
    *pineaple sandwich with Miracle whip
    repeat any at random

    Other things with meals or snacks
    *pistachios or pecans
    *apples, bananas, oranges, prunes
    *carrot shreds
    *broccoli in salads
    *green beans
    *pimiento and cheese I made
    *leftover slaw, ribs or whatever is in the refrigerator
    *baked potato, plain
    repeat at random

    I will bake more chicken on Wednesday. I found it at $1.57/lb for boneless, skinless chicken breasts and I was totally out!

  4. Time to get creative with salmon. I have 3 full body length filets in the freezer and I need to start using them up. That's a lot of salmon, for one person. Yecck.

  5. SonyaAnn--I am feeling your pain. My stockpile of "household junk" is just starting to run out....well, except for toilet paper and aluminum foil. I've run out of paper towels and napkins and the cleaners are going to be next to go. This is all stuff I got years ago when you could get this crap for free with good sales and much better coupons. sigh
    I've told Hubs that once he retires(and the dogs are gone)there will be no more money for paper towels.

  6. Free!--You saw those and didn't buy them for me?lol Thanks for thinking of me at least.
    If I had the space, I'd prolly have 30 sets of vintage dishes now.

    I wish I had my mom's toy depression ware dishes she got as a kid. She let me play with them in the 1960's when I was making mud pies. I think she threw them out after I was too old to play with them.

  7. PracticalP--Good list there. I love to tuna, always have but I find I can't eat it anytime after lunch time now. At dinner, it does bad things in my

    And $1.57lb for skinless chick is a really good deal!

  8. FeatherDuster--I see many salmon croquettes in your
    I'd marinate in teriyaki and broil, maybe do some sushimi type rolls, stir-fry medium rare with veggies and noodles, or broiled with lemon and butter and served with a side of alfredo fettuccine. Personally I love the Jack Daniels glazed salmon at Lone Star Steakhouse so I'd prolly do that.
    I went to a wedding once and they served a salmon mousse on cucumber slices that was to die for!
    Let us see what you come up with!


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