Monday, April 9, 2012

Ease Back Into Your Week

I don't know about anybody else but my sinuses feel like a giant cement mixer that's filled with cement and somebody has switched the tumbling/mixing mechanism ON and everything is flipping around inside.
If that's not descriptive enough for you, let me just say that it is NOT a pleasant sensation. 8-(

I slept in til noon.....don't judge! I am trying to ease into my day and the week now.  Nothing loud or rapid yet until I get myself acclimated, ok?

I've got some errands to run but hope to get back to my Meal Plan Monday posts later today.
Until then, enjoy the mournful calm of this clip.  It's one of my favorites.....



  1. I slept until 11 am. No judging here. But, I am on third load of laundry and hanging it out. Rats! My clothes should not be line-dried since my allergies are in a similar state as yours. In the spring there are a few weeks when I am struggling to stay well and sane. Last night, I went to sleep with a mighty earache right in the eardrum! I will absolutely be easing into the week--the washing machine won't do anything except loud and rapid during the wash and rinse cycles. Spin is even louder since the washer ate a hole in the crappy floor...whole 'nother story..

  2. I feel for you and your sinus issues. I don't have them today, but often enough to know how miserable it is.

    Love the song choice!

  3. My husband and I have been playing this for years. I play the piano accompaniment and he plays the violin. It is an old standby. I love. the poem that goes with it is heartbreaking.

  4. I for got to say I hope you feel better. Sinuses are the pits. Literally pits in your face. No wonder they are bothersome.


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