Thursday, April 19, 2012

Grocery Shopping This Week

I did the shopping early this week.
Hiked up to Weis last night and got this....

Like a man said in a famous movie...."Ignore those paper towels behind that curtain!"
Or something like that.
Though it kills me to buy them, I bought them.
It was either I bought them and a got a sorta "deal" or I let Hubs buy them and pay full retail price.

Weis has the 8 roll packs of Small Steps Marcal on sale this week(reg. $8.29 pkg.)for $5.99.
I found $1/1 Marcal products Q in the Weis "Healthy Bits" magazine they have stashed around the stores.  So I paid $4.99 for each pkg. or $3.29 less than retail.

I was fully prepared to go to Rite-Aid and buy the Simplify house brand of towels for .80¢ a roll with my 20% Wellness discount if I hadn't found the Weis deal on the Marcal.

So just think of all those paper towels as my love letter to my Hubs.....because I won't buy paper towels for anybody else on the planet!

The items we needed this week for meals were the Steak-Umms (BOGO sale this week, making them $5.99 for both)and the Taco Shells($2 on sale but I bought an extra package in case I don't find a deal before the next time #2 Son wants these again).

As for the rest, it was pure stock up....meaning I didn't NEED any of this stuff immediately.

* The olive oil was on sale for $3.99 and that Healthy Bits magazine had a $1/1 Q, making it $2.99.
* The tomato paste was on sale for .89¢ and that Healthy Bits magazine had a $1/2 full circle items Q, making them .39¢ each.
* The yogurt was a new Weis house brand of Greek yogurt and it was on sale for .88¢.  I just wanted to try it so I got one.
*  The OM roast beef deli meat was on sale for $4.29 plus there was a $2/1 Store discount Q on it AND each package had a $1/1 ManuQ Peelie stuck to it, so I got $3 off each pkg, making them $1.29 a piece.
This is the nitrite-free roast beef and there is still a couple of weeks left to use it.  Score!
* Those 4 packages of hot dogs are the natural, no nitrite/preservatives-free expensive ass hot dogs!  Reg. retail at 4.69 a package.  They are on sale this week for $3.50.  These had $2 Instant Store Qs stuck to the package, making them $1.49 a piece.  I don't eat hot dogs often but when I do, I want a quality piece of dog.  I'll feed the cheap hot dogs here to #2 Son and his friends when they descend like locust on my kitchen....shhhh, don't

Total came to $36.77.  Regular retail of $81.02 for a savings of 55%.
55% may not be so great but it's for MEAT people!!lol
Plus I figured $40 of food spending this week so I'm calling it a win...



  1. Um, I think 55% is awesome for anything!

  2. Law, don't stress about those paper towels. I am all for using cloth napkins and rags but when the dog barfs, give me some paper towels please! Angela

  3. Sharon--Thanks but I've done so much better in the past. Can't stop comparing now to then in my

  4. Angela--I just detest spending money on something that is going to get thrown I've still have to keep an eye on their use because Hubs and #2 Son would use a whole roll to clean up a dog barf, even if 3 squares would do. ;-)

    1. Again I can't post!Ugh.
      I know this is a bit odd but it seems like the price of food is dropping around here. Cooking oil is on sale for $1 a bottle-which I forgot to buy. It never is that cheap for that. And I have noticed a few more things that are dropping. Even our gas has dropped $.40 in the past few weeks. It was $4.40(ish). I'm trying to stock up since I'm sure that everything is going to jump up when we have to pay summer gas prices. Damn IL.


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