Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Food Shopping Trip.....Don't Look SonyaAnn!

This will upset reader SonyaAnn....not because I got some ok deals but because of what I got the deal on.
Fortunately for her, she doesn't live near the store I got this deal from so it's all good. ;-)

I thought I'd be boring today and show you what I just bought at the grocery store.

First I have to show you this.....
This is a sheet of store coupons that was wrapped around my local independent ShurSave grocery flyer at the beginning of March.  It's a bunch of store coupons for items they carry and they are good for the entire month of March.
Now, always thinking moi realized that I should KEEP this flyer wrap of coupons and not throw them out when I threw out the sales flyer into the recycling pile.
And always thinking moi realized that I should grab about 12 sales flyers that week with this wrapper of coupons, so I would have 12 more copies of these coupons to hang onto and wait for these items to go on sale during the month, because only a couple of them were on sale the week the coupons were on the flyer.
I figured the store wouldn't keep printing the same coupons each sales week and wrap each week's flyer with them.....and I was correct!

So I clipped those coupons and set off to the store today.

Let's begin with this.....

I LOVE Blue Bunny ice cream.
The Cherry Bordeaux with dark chocolate chips is orgasmic!

But the grocery store hasn't had it on sale all month and it wasn't in the ad for this week either.
But there was a $3 WYB3 cartons coupon on that sheet.
And guess who saw a big old sign hanging on the ice cream case door--Blue Bunny on sale 3 for $10.
So after my $3 coupon I paid $7 for 3 cartons-that's $2.33 each?

I just may have to buy that second freezer this week..... ;-)

I also bought this.....
Instant Catalina Deal--Buy 7 select Heinz products, Get $5 off your order.

The Classico sauce was $2 ea. on sale.
The Bagel Bites were $2 ea. on sale. (For #2 Son)
The Ore-Ida onion rings were $3 on sale. (For #2 Son)
Subtotal of $15.
One of my store coupons was for Ore-Ida products, $1/1.
Grand total after coupon and instant discount......$9.00 for all 7 items.

Again, #2 Son has put in a request for more Bagel Bites and Sweet Potato Fries and you never can have too much pasta sauce so we'll seriously be needing that 2nd freezer.

I also bought this.....
2 x Salad Kits on sale $1.99 ea.(My lunch for the next couple days.)
1 x On-Cor Meat thing on sale $3.(I don't feel like cooking from scratch
1 x block of Provolone Cheese on sale $2 (I never see Provolone cheese outside of the deli here and it's much higher than this price.)
2 x Gala apples on sale .99¢ lb.(I need these for a pie I am baking this week.)

I have a $1/1 store coupon from that sheet for the On-Cor as well, so that was $2 in the end.

All together, it was $51.43 worth of stuff for $24.85 OOP.  51.70% savings rate with just sale prices, store coupons and that instant cat deal.

I am just turning into a food spender, aren't I?
What good deals have you gotten lately?



  1. Great deals!! I actually haven't done too much in the way of shopping lately, a bit of this and that. I did get butter on sale this week for $2.88/lb which is DIRT CHEAP!!! :) Made me happy! lol!

  2. Carla--I live for cheap butter deals!!
    Funny how the little things make us

  3. You are doing better than me. have been stocking up on meat lately and it is not decreasing the spending. At least in has not increased it much.

  4. I wanna eat at Sluggy's house!

    I'm hatin' on the ice cream, let me tell you. I can't even count how many half-gallons (is it 1.5 quart now?) I've bought within the last few weeks, and I got, like - a spoonful?

    The kids suck it down like it's water.

  5. My best deal was free onions, ones that were not bad but had a blemish where they could not be sold. Unfortunately, I allowed them to sit unnoticed because they hid out in a plastic bag. I managed to get about three lbs of onions chopped and in the dehydrator.

    I managed to get two gallons of milk and eight boxes of Special K Red and plain Cheerios for $8.15. It was done with coupons, sales, and store ad. I was giddy.

  6. AHHHHHHHHH, woman you are trying to make me cry. LOL I didn't get it at first, why you didn't want me to see it. I would put someone's eye out for some cheese. Just back away slowly.

  7. That ice cream looks awfully good...

  8. Aww..Blue Bunny ice-cream...Nice deals you got there!!


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