Thursday, March 15, 2012

You Can Go Your Own Way

I am stealing Mark's "Use a Song title for a Post title" gimmick today.

Well it's Thursday of the week my Daughter came home for Spring break.
Do you know what my first thought this morning was?
I should have started drinking this week long before today!

My week has been that far.

It hasn't been bad, it's just been strange.
I have lots to do around here but the daughter's current state of affairs just has me spinning my wheels and wondering what is coming next.
I just sit here all day doing genealogy research(looking for some stability in my past perhaps?), playing free cell, listening to Pandora, reading blogs and contemplating writing something.
I only get up from the computer to go sit in front of the tv or deal with an immediate need like making a meal or dealing with the dogs or doling out money to needy teenagers.

Oh, I did spend some time outside yesterday as it hit 60 something here.
But I hardly even noticed anything.

So daughter has been going to doctor appointments and filling up prescriptions(5 so far!) and using all the gas in my car.  Heck, I don't even have to leave home to spend money lately, do I?lol

Add in that #2 Son has been moody as hell and not very pleasant to deal with this week.  He and Daughter do NOT get along at all and haven't for the last few years.  And he is taking the opportunity with my being preoccupied  with her stuff to fall down on his chores even more than he already does.
#2 is suppose to load/unload the dishwasher.  Here is what I found in the kitchen when I came down this morning.....
Needless to say, I am not amused.....

Daughter has had a chat with the community college folks this week and she goes today for another chat with the baby Penn State folks(one of the many PSU satellite campuses around PA).
Then we sit down tonight and hash it all out and try to figure out what she wants to do after she finishes this semester at her current school.

It's not helping me not feel on edge about all this since the few in real life I have told(mostly family and our physician who she job shadowed with)are surprised and speechless at first.

I have to keep reminding myself that it's her life and no matter what I think and no matter how much I worry, I can't make these decisions for her.   I may feel she is making a mistake by choosing what path she decides to go down but I have to let her go her own way.

She needs to make mistakes and learn from them.  I just hope she takes to heart the lessons they present and that we don't regret the financial hits this will cost hubs and I......and her.



  1. Is this her first year? Sorry I can't remember. Anna had some serious meltdowns her first year. She almost transferred the middle of her first year. We did everything to get her transferred and then she didn't get in and decided to stay at EIU instead of going to a local college.
    I don''t know the entire situation but this really reminds me of Anna. They are so lost and upset that they can't make a clear decision. They are just completely stressed because life isn't what they had imagined. I don't think that your daughter is in a state to make a decision for herself. I think you need to make it for her. I know she is an adult but we all need guidance from time to time. It's one thing if she is in an environment that is unsafe, it is another if she is just sad and lost.
    I talked to Anna and she said that she would be more than willing to talk to your daughter about what she(Anna) went through.
    Love and prayers,

  2. Hey, you're the 2nd one to steal my song title ideas this week. Except at least you chose a song that I didn't think of yet.
    Okay, know that I'm watching all of you, with older children, to learn what to and what not to do. So make wise choices!

  3. SonyaAnn--Thanks for the love. I have emailed you.

  4. Mark--What can I say?....I have always been a joiner. You have started a fad, just go with it!

    As for watching and learning....I doubt you should with this kid. She has a genius IQ and was "gifted" in school. Often times these types of kids have a hard time adjusting/dealing with real life no matter WHAT you as a parent do, from what I have seen. I think SonyaAnn is right to go with praying for me. ;-)

  5. Wow my day is going better than yours. Mine started out by taking my sister for a colonoscopy. Then getting a lecture in the care too and from as to why I should get one. In between, I had to use the ladies room at the doctor's office. Everyone there was either with someone who was having or was the one having a colonoscopy. You can imagine what the bathroom experience was like. Like I ever want to do that to myself.

    Hey, you share, I share.

  6. I will be praying for your daughter and for you. Samantha changed her mind a few times during college, but it didn't cost us anything.

  7. I think one of the hardest jobs as a parent is to let your kids make mistakes. But that's what the exprerts say...

    Why let a CHILD (because they're not adults) experience heartache, regret, etc, when it can all be avoided by us stepping in and doing our job as a parent and making some decisions for them?!?

    Good luck Sluggy, you're in my thoughts and prayers.


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