Thursday, March 22, 2012

I'm Still Here!...I Think....

This button should give you an indication of how my week is going.
Today especially has been one knot-in-the-gut inducing winner!
It is definitely my week to be the BUG!
It also explains why I have been MIA most of this week.
And it isn't anything I can share here......for now.

I'll just say that it involves college, medication(or lack thereof), death threats, authorities not taking certain things seriously, college administrators not doing their job and the District Attorney's office.
Just keep us in your thoughts.
And send me all your spare Maalox.....

And the other normal stuff I've been dealing with this week?  Well, none of it has been normal!  Everything has been a big old load of Manure this week.

I totally missed my Monday Spending Report/Menu for the Week post.
Not much point in posting it at this late date in the week, huh?
Hubs was out of town for 3 days so #2 Son and I just made it up as we went along.
I never got around to thawing anything today since I was busy working on getting my Stress Levels through the roof, so it's Breakfast for Dinner or Take-Out tonight.
Tomorrow might actually see me cook a proper meal.....but don't be taking bets on that, as it's not a sure thing! ;-)

I spent $95.00 even last week at the grocery stores, in 3 transactions.  The reg. retail was $183.12.  I 'may' have used a coupon or two but don't recall exactly.  My savings rate was a little less than 50% altogether.
My food spending for the month now stands at $345.63.  It's over my monthly budgeted amount but may still be within my budget with my leftover monies from Jan. & Feb.  I'll check on that later, IF I feel like going to that much effort. ;-)

That $95 included bags of discounted salad, eggs, cabbage, 2 gallons of milk, onions, a roasting chicken at .88¢ lb., a head of iceberg, 7 packages of sliced mushrooms(I froze 3 of them for later use), sour cream, a yogurt(I was hungry!) and 5 cans of chili.  Weis "Pound Me In The Ass" Markets is having a Grand Re-Opening of their remodeled store so they sent out a sheet of coupons-4 are good each week.
I went there to get some cheapies--corned beef briskets(3 of them at $1.49lb.), 5 packages of ground beef with store discount Qs making them less than $1.99lb., BOGO stuffed clams, $1 a bag ravioli and oranges on sale.  Since all that came to over $50, I was able to use the $5 off $50 Q they sent me.  I also used the other 3 Qs($2 off lb. of deli meats, FREE 2 ltr. Coke and FREE pkg. of cookies).

I made Chicken Fajitas on Sunday and Hubs and I had the leftover last night.  They were soooo good!
I've got a craving for them again so if red peppers go on sale again here, I may make some Beef Fajitas next time.  I am all over Veggie Fajitas too but Hubs wants meat in his so maybe next time I make chicken ones, I'll put the chicken to the side and go vegetarian for the day.

Alright back to making calls.
Dang, have I ever told y'all how much I DETEST talking on the phone??!!



  1. Sluggy, you're in my thoughts...

  2. I'll be praying that things get better for you.

  3. I had that kind of week, too, only the week's worth happened on Wednesday. I am still not feeling stable (in terms of not falling apart) enough to go into it yet. Tomorrow may be the day I implode or talk about it on my blog. We will see.

    Have you ever missed your weekly report? I cannot recall this happening, so I know it baaaad.Those were some great deals. I don't mind talking on the phone at all. It's just when my ear has no feeling and my arm won't straighten out AND the phone is stuck to my ear...that's when I remember I hate talking on the phone.

  4. Ahhh. sorry it's not going well. Hope it all turns around for the better soon. And I Detest talking on the phone too!

  5. c.rap! I'm the bug... aren't I?

  6. Oh my, death threats?? YIKES! I spend as little time on the phone as possible - can't stand it! I thought I was the only one! You be careful and have more fajitas - if you had icecream for dessert I'd be right there!

  7. Hang in there sluggy! Holy sheet that sounds like a mess. If you need me, I'm here for you.
    Remember the time that someone threatened to rape Den. That was a lot of quality time with the police so I know what it is like to be drug through hell.


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