Sunday, March 4, 2012

Chit-Chat....Sunday Night Edition

It's the Sunday Night Chit-Chat!

Here's my favorite blog photo from last week......

There is nothing better than a hot guy.....well, maybe one that can make you laugh too!

What are you........
 Still got this baby on tap from 2 weeks ago.  I confess I haven't cracked it open since then.  Just not feeling a good read no time with all the decluttering I was doing in February.
This week perhaps....

At 9pm there is a new episode of Hoarders on TLC...aka the Car Wreck Station because whatever is on is weird/sad/terrible/freakish but you just can't look away.
I guarantee that at some point this coming week I'll be decluttering again, due mostly to having watched this car wreck show.

Listening to?
A little swing and ska music.
Currently liking and tapping my toes to this....

In a lot of ways I feel I was born in the wrong time.

No baking here.  I cooked 5 meals last week.  We had leftovers one night and the guys had fast food the other night. Nothing I haven't made before.  I haven't felt like making new stuff, because, takes effort.

Happy you accomplished this week?
The Week #4 Decluttering Challenge.  'Nuff said.

Looking forward to next week?
The Daughter is coming home for Spring break.   Hopefully we'll be able to spend some quality time together.  We need to have a long talk at least.

Thankful for today?
*My kids.  They they are the source of much grief and worry in my life, they are a great joy to me.
*That my investment college fund actually went up and stayed up last week.  It tanked right before we sent #1 Son away to college(in 2008) for the first time and I've been waiting until it recovered to take the money out to use it for school.  Thankfully only a small piece of his college $ was in there and we didn't have to rely on it while it was down the toilet.
*That the taxes are done and submitted.  That's a load off my shoulders.

Go see Carla HERE to link up and play along.



  1. Cooking 5 times a week takes effort too! You don't give yourself enough credit! And Hoarders motivates me to declutter and keep it clean too! Haha funny name to that channel.

  2. Gosh he's lost a LOT of weight! Good for him! I used to like the Drew Carrey show, it was pretty funny!

  3. lil desiqua--Thanks for the pat on the back and thanks for reading and commenting on my post! Some weeks cooking seems like such a CHORE and I wish I only had to cook when I felt like it, not all. the. time.

    Carla--His weight loss stunned me too! I always thought he was cute in that chubby, pasty white guy way and he had a great smile. Now he sure looks hot in a suit...Mmmmmm! hehe I've got a bigger "thinf" for Craig Ferguson tho.... ;-)


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