Saturday, March 3, 2012

What Happens.....Things I Can't Believe!

.....when you bring a 16 year old boy grocery shopping with you?
You over spend and buy crap, that's what!

Though #2 Son had his birthday over a week ago, we still hadn't had his birthday cake.
He couldn't make up his mind between a cheesecake or an ice cream cake.
Well he finally decided on the ice cream cake so I took him with me to Weis "Pound me in the ass" Markets on Friday to get it.....amidst much eye rolling.  While we were there, I wanted to see about using some IPQs I had that were expiring that day.....cue MORE eye rolling when I told him this.

The ice cream cake was $17.99.

Walking over there we go past a display of Pepsico/Frito-Lay snacks, as Weis is having a "Spend $25/Get $5 off your order instantly" Deal.  The only snack we had left in the house was popcorn, so #2 Son talked me into buying Cheetos, Fritos, Doritos and 3 boxes of Capn Crunch cereal.  After sale prices, Qs and $5 discount that came to $13.50
Then he wanted JD breakfast biscuits.
Next he saw the White Castle sliders.....they must have jumped into the cart while my back was turned.
Then he asked me to get him some deviled crab cakes for $3.87.  At least this was 'food' and I said yes.
2 containers of muffins from the 50% rack was next to fall into the cart.
And then there was that Marie Callendar pie on sale for $5.99.
Unplanned kid suggested spending was $ the ice cream cake....sigh.....
Maybe I should have sent him to wait in the car after getting the cake.

I did get some things I wanted and had come there for....salmon, boxed GG veggies, whipped cream in a can, Greek yogurt, a block of Cheddar cheese.

And I used my expiring Mighty Dog Q on 12 cans of dog food for $4.60 after sales/Q, 2 bottles of Welch's 100% juice for $2 each after Qs and my Hormel chili Qs for 4 cans of chili at $1.17 can.

I did have a Happy Accident--I spied a whole rack of Hormel pepperoni that had $2 store discount stickers on them as they were close to the sell by date.  Weis was hiding the pepperoni from me.  We found a rack of some off brands and of course, there was NO pepperoni by the deli meat/hot dog/bacon case OR down by the pizza supplies. Weis hates me and likes to hide shit from me, but I outsmarted them and found a rack of Hormel in the middle of the frozen food that's logical.....WTF!?!.....
They were regular price of $3.99 so were 50% off with the $2 discount I had Qs that took an additional .50¢ off each package, making each one $1.49.  I got 6 packages to put in the freezer.  The good thing about sliced pepperoni is you can freeze it for years and when you need some you don't have to thaw the whole package, just pull out what you need.  Since it's sliced it's easy to just pull off a handful or so.

And the bacon you see in the photo is an expensive brand from Lancaster PA that goes for $4.99 reg. retail.  It was on sale this week for $4 a package this week and I found 3 packs with $2 store discount Qs on them, so $2.00 each for these 3 packages.  Score!

I left the store $121.53 poorer.
I saved $69.93 or about 36%.
And I got 30¢ off a tank of gas.  I NEVER spend enough in one transaction to qualify for gas points....well, until now! lol

I can't remember the last time I spend into the 3 digits at one time at the store.  And I went and checked my records and I can't find a record of spending $100 or more in one transaction since I started this blog and started keeping track of my spending in March of 2009.  I haven't done that in at least 2 freaking years!!
And yes, I am that nerd that has a record of all her grocery and drug store receipts since March of 2009.

Go on!
Give me a date and I'll tell you where I shopped and how much I spent.


And I STILL can't believe I spent $121+ at ONE TIME in the grocery store!!



  1. Girl, you would just cry if you went to the store with me. And if I hadn't just eaten first? You might go into apoplexy!

  2. Guess I won't tell you I spent $178 at the grocery store a couple of days ago. It was payday and I needed a lot of expensive shit like vitamins, Tylenol, a roasted chicken (yes, that is a need), 3 sweaters off the clearance rack (ditto) and so on. The only reason I had a little splurge is because there was an extra $100 on my pay so I stocked up. I usually only spend about $80 a week. Truly. My monthly food budget is $400 and I don't usually spend it all.
    Then today I go down to do some laundry and we're all out of detergent!! No one bothered to tell me. Both Kazi and Michael did laundry this week but no one said a word. So I looked through all the flyers and found some at Zellers on sale for $2.00 so bought 4 jugs.

  3. Lisa Pie--I might cry, that's true but as long as it's YOUR MONEY you are spending I'd be able to keep the apoplexy at bay. I'd just do the grown up thing...point and laugh at you. lol

    Jane--My only question is what was a rack of sweaters doing in your grocery store? Or is that some Canadian thing....hehehe
    And I can see a roast chicken emergency. What? Doesn't everyone have those? ;-)

  4. Talk about pathetic- I spent my husband's Christmas bonus stocking up at Sam's! And was happy about it!

  5. a8383--You and I.....we live on the edge. My first thought after reading your comment was, "OOOooo! I want to see what groceries she bought!"

    We seek adventure, danger be damned! ;-)

  6. It's ok just blame it all on the boy! I blame everything on the boy here.


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