Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Word From Judy.....She Lives!

I just heard from Judy of "Finally Frugal and Happy".

She is fine so stop worrying!

She wanted me to tell y'all that she needed to take a break but she'll be back, up and running when she deals with some stuff in real life.

Stay tuned to this blog channel for updates as they come in.....we are the official Judy Watch Channel.   ;-)



  1. Glad to know. I wish she would just make a post on her site. The disappearing act causes people to think the worst. LOL!

  2. Okay I feel better, knowing she is okay. But now I am worried that something happened to her personally and I can't help her. Thanks so much for the update!

  3. More exciting than the Weather Channel!

  4. Thank you Sluggy for letting us readers know! Please tell Judy we all miss her and will be eagerly awaiting her return!

    I know she is very dear to my heart, even though I've only "met" her through reading her blogs. I consider Judy a part of my "online family" and worry about her!

  5. Anon #2 - I know this will be taken wrong, and it is not going to carry the kinder tone being words rather than a voice, but going a bit along with the first Anonymous: it would be more mature, cause calm rather than uneven emotional reactions and finally, show, as a blogwriter, Judy has the ability to be considerate to her readers if she would simply do as the first commentor suggested. The hacking thing was one thing. This was poor form, imo. Judy, I have read you on and off for several months. I'm sorry, but, as an older gal myself (50), having raised kids, one at home, grandchildren being born: shame on you. I know my voice here will be very unpopular and you can't know what kind of person I am. I am really a warm individual. But the theatrics has cost you a reader. Hope you can figure out how to calm yourself and your responses to life's upsets. Take care.

  6. Anon who wrote about Anon #2--I appreciate your words and if you had provided a way for me to email you privately I would have shared this there instead of on the comments. Judy shared with me in confidence what the exact problem is with her latest disappearance so I am not at liberty to share that with anyone. Please know that her taking the blog down was the only way to handle the situation for her, from what I was told. When Judy resolves the issue and feel like sharing what the deal was, then she will. It's not my place to elaborate but I wanted to say a bit since she isn't here to defend her actions.

    Anon, do what you feel you need to do, as Judy did what she felt was best for her.
    It's all good....

  7. I'm sad she took her blog down, but she needs to do what is best for her.

  8. Anon #2 again ;o). Thank you for your effort to explain the matter. I had no idea, as a first-time commentor, that comments are moderated. It is understandable - confidential matters. And while any/all bloggers are absolutely free to do whatever they deem necessary or appropriate - it isn't that I judge. It is just that for me, the inconsistency is the bigger issue. Thank you for addressing me. No one has to answer to anyone on these things. However, I only opined as from the unintentional frustration that came about. Again, thank you.

  9. So glad to hear that she is okay. I was worried.

  10. Give Judy our best. I look forward to her blog going live again. Let's face it, none of us, except for you, know what is going right now in her life. Let's give her a break, pray for her if you feel like it.



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