Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sluggy's Birthday Boring Blog Giveaway Post #3....Time to Enter Again!

Time for Post 3 for the Birthday Boring Blog Giveaway!
If this is your first time here, get up to speed on how this Giveaway works by looking HERE.

Check out the rules.....
The Rules
1. You must be a "Follower" of my blog to enter and still be a Follower if/when you win.  Lookie on the right sidebar and press the big ol' FOLLOW button if you are not already a follower.
2.  Sorry but this Giveaway is open ONLY to those with a mailing address within the USA.  Hate to have to do that but the postal rates outside the country are KILLER.
3. 1 vote/entry per post with 1 exemption.  You can leave more than 1 comment per post but only your 1st vote/comment will count.

The 1 Exemption....You can earn EXTRA ENTRIES this way....
*If you get someone to become a Follower and enter this giveaway you can earn an Extra Entry for each person you bring on board.  You can blog about the giveaway or email people or post about it on a message board or call your neighbor on the phone....whatever way you want to recruit them, I don't care.  Just make sure that they mention in their vote/comment/entry that You(your name here)told them about the blog/giveaway and you get an extra entry that post.

As always, this is not a company sponsored or company supplied Giveaway.  Any costs associated with this Giveaway are coming out of my pocket because I'm just that kinda gal.  Please patronize our blog ads....I'm just sayin'.... ;-)

Now down to the business at hand.

Here are your 3 items to choose from today....

1. John Frieda Frizz-Ease Shampoo
2. Pantene Styler  Volume Root Lifter Gel
3. Dove Shampoo  Shine Therapy

Just leave a comment on this post within the next 3 days with your choice of #1, 2 or 3.
Additional praise for me on the anniversary of my birth is welcomed but won't earn you any Brownie points for the Giveaway. ;-)



  1. #1 the Frizz-Ease would be nice. Sounds like you are enjoying your birthday week. Enjoy today.

  2. I would pick #2, anything to give any part of by body a lift!

  3. I am a gfc follower. I like the dove shampoo.

  4. I only wish I had hair enough to use Frizz-Ease. However, my daughter could use it. So Frizz-Ease it is.
    Hope that you have a great day.
    Your Friend, m.

  5. LOL! Well then, let's get right to the choices ;) This time, I'll opt for #3

    Thanks, Sluggy!!!

  6. Sluggy,

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I feel like we have been celebrating your birthday all YEAR!

    If you pick me I would appreciate item #1.


  7. I like #2 - my hair can always use lift!


  8. Root lifter for me! My roots need all the help they can get.

    Happy Birthday again!

  9. Happy Birthday to u
    I like item# 3
    thanks for the giveaway

  10. I hope you're having a great birthday week!
    I pick the Pantene gel!!!

  11. Happy Birthday!


  12. First let me say, I really wanted to forget my big birthday, but hey, keep the spirit the whole month! Now to the pickings....Hmmm, all 3 seem a little complicated for me, would I know how to use these products? They are more than the basic shampoo and conditiner. As long as I don't have to do anything new or increas my lavish beaty routine I choose...drumroll...the Dove!

  13. Deb G.

    The dove looks good to me... #3.


  14. I'm thinking the Pantene Styler Volume Root Lifter Gel. Are there going to be any party hats?LOL

  15. #1! I would love to tame my frizziness! :D


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