Monday, January 24, 2011

Meal Plan MONDAY.....January 24th Edition

I'm trying to get back into writing down a Meal Plan for the week.
I run my Meal Plan here at Chez Sluggy from Sunday to Saturday....just so you know.

Here is this week's plan....

Sunday--Sluggy's Beef Pie
Monday--Baked Catfish, Coleslaw, Seasoned Potatoes, Steamed Cauliflower
Tuesday--Half-Price Steaks at Logan's
Wednesday--Pasta with Meat Sauce, Salad with Walnuts/Feta/Vinaigrette Dressing
Thursday--Birthday Meal at Red Robin
Friday--Chicken Parmesan, Salad, Garlic Bread

Here's why I am serving some of this stuff....

Sunday--I had a small hunk of leftover Meatloaf in the fridge that no one wanted to eat in it's present form.  I chopped it up and substituted that for the fresh Ground Beef in the Beef Pie dish.  I also had a couple of packets of Cornbread mix to use up in the stockpile.  It was Honey Cornbread so not the best choice for this dish but it was ok.

 Monday--I have half a head of cabbage and some potatoes to use up.  It will go well with the catfish I bought last week for $3.99lb.  I'll just put a bit of Mrs. Dash's Lemon Pepper on the fish and bake it.

Wednesday--We haven't had pasta in awhile here and Hubs is grumbling....he's Italian, go figure!lol  I bought a big pack of ground beef($1.88lb!)a bit ago and cooked it up into crumbles.  Half will go into the homemade meat sauce this week and the other half will go into the Pot of Chili I am planning for next Sunday.

Friday--I've got the chicken, the cheese and the Marinara sauce here.  The leftover salad greens from Wed. will serve as the base for another salad side dish tonight.  I have some whole wheat hamburger buns that are getting old so I'll use those as the base for my garlic bread.

The 2 nights eating out this week is a bit unusual for us.  The Red Robin trip is for a free birthday meal they sent me and the Logan's trip for steaks is to use some of those free gift certificates I talked about HERE.

Technically this is only a five night menu because of the eating out.
As for what I need to buy to implement this plan?  Just some salad greens and maybe a cucumber or pepper...whatever I can find inexpensive in the produce dept.*see me laugh!* at the store this week.
Other than milk, I don't need to buy anything else this week.

So what is going to be on your plate this week?

Check out Organizing Junkie's website HERE to see what other Home Cooks are whipping up this week for their families.



  1. You can see my last week's menu (such as it was) on my blog. With Shane gone for the week, I was able to go 10 days without buying any groceries at all...not even milk. I expect I'll have to buy a few things this week, though.

    Wish we lived closer...I have Logan's coupons and I'd join you.

  2. Left over chicken cacciatore for my lunch date today and if there's any left over for supper too... Things will be a bit rushed around here at dinner today, so it might be a "eat what you want" kind of night...

  3. Hmmm... our menu will be whatever Hubby cooks this week. It is always yummy!

    Last night, we had crispy tacos and chile con queso with chips.

  4. Anytime you get to eat out twice in one week, I would say that has all the makings of a really great week!

  5. The menu plan sounds excellent! So do free b-day meals at restaurants - love those!

    Hmmm, this week... I cooked up a turkey last night that had been in the freezer since ... well, I'm not sure. So it was about time :) I added to it my last farmshare whole onion (the rest have been chopped and frozen) and a 2-lb rutabaga that I got on sale for 87-cents. I will pretty much be eating the remains of this for the rest of the week in my salad lunches at work and in some other form for dinner. I am soooo totally over my monthly budget, it saddens me that I still have a week to get through. It really doesn't seem like I've spent as much as the spreadsheet says I have. Obviously, I need to get a much better handle on that in Feb!!!


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