Saturday, January 8, 2011

A New Giveaway Winner Chosen!

Since a solid week has elapsed since I picked the winner of the MyBlogSpark/Safeway/Gladware/Betty Crocker Giveaway with no contact from that winner, I have drawn a new winner from our 48 remaining valid entries.

Random dotorg has smiled upon Entry #23....
Ashley said...
Found this giveaway on the blog post at Looking forward to an equally frugal 2010! reynoldsmommy at gmail dot com #3

Congratulations Ashley!
You have 48 hours from this post time stamp to email me your mailing information(along with your phone number as the company asks for that too).  You can find my contact email on my Profile Page(see the About Me section on the right sidebar).

This giveaway should teach everyone 2 things when entering a giveaway......
1. Always leave your contact information in your entry, especially if you don't link your info from your Blogger ID or post anonymously.
2. It pays to use other blogs to find giveaways.  Ashley found us here through Frances' blog and they both received extra entries for blogging and directing readers here!



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