Monday, January 10, 2011

Just a Fine Mess

I don't have time to post Sunday's Rite-Aid Rampage today but here's a sneak peek at my mess of register tapes.......

5 receipts......
4 of which are taller than me and have +Up Reward errors that I got to chat with Customer Service about this morning.
So much fun!'re not buying the "fun" crack, are you? lol

I need to do some post writing tonight that doesn't involve Rite-Aid so I have something for folks to read on the blog tomorrow.
I also need to put away a lot of stuff taking up my whole kitchen table at the moment so I can serve dinner.
Come back tomorrow!



  1. I believe you could probably wallpaper a room with your RiteAid receipts! :-)

  2. Oh my Stars!
    I am new to your Blog but I have one question. What is this world of rebates,discounts, and miles of receipts? Apparently I've been walking around spending way too much money. I wonder, when I leave the store, do the cashiers laugh at me and call me "Sucker"? Alright, listen. Is there a crash course I can take on this because it looks as if I'm joining in the middle and everyone is so far ahead of me. I'm so lost!!!
    Your Friend, m.
    I'll be back.

  3. Oh, Mark, are you in for a treat! :)

    Nice going with all those tapes, Sluggy - you da bomb, as usual!! Can't wait to read details - LOL!


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