Saturday, July 11, 2020

Frugal Friday......The July 10th Edition on Saturday

Not a lot that was noteworthy in the Frugal department happened this past week.................

* I escaped and hit up Rite-Aid last week.....

I got slightly moneymaker toothpaste and toothbrushes after coupons and Bonus Cash back.

The Listerines were part of a Spend $12/Get $3 BC Deal.  They were $5.19 + tax each and I bought them on 3 separate transactions/receipts so I could submit them for 3 x $5 Fandango Virtual Prepaid Card Rewards(limit of 3 and I think the Fandango thing does another week? but not the R-A Bonus Cash Deal).  I've already gotten the 3 x $5 Virtual Cards but the $3 BC never showed up on my R-A card so I had to call Corporate Again! It's now Sunday and the BC is still not on the card.....guess who is getting another call on Monday?!?

* No Money was Found!
Well it's pretty hard to find change laying on the ground when you don't leave the house much. lol

* I had Hubs take me out on Wednesday(or was it Thursday?....I am losing track of the days)and we
hit P and R Discounters and we did our grocery shopping.  I got scads of deals--BSCB for $1.79 lb., Strip Steaks for $4.99 lb., Tropicana OJ for.79¢, 3 lbs. of butter for $1.79 each(so exciting!), yellow squash for .59¢ lb., 5 lbs. Russet Taters for .99¢, organic brown eggs for .99¢ doz.,  2 tubes of Pillsbury whack biscuits for .39¢ each, head of lettuce for .39¢, a 6 pack of Sargento Snacks for $2.99(these are $$2.99 to $3.50 + at the grocery store for a single pack), a 12 pack of seltzer drinks for $3.99 and that's all I can remember w/out my receipt in front of me.  We spent about $40.
This is the place that sometimes gives out freebies too and they were putting out pallets of two kinds of snack chips and told us to take a case of each.

a 12 pack case of "Food Should Taste Good" Sweet Potato Tortilla chips..........

And a 12 pack case of "Sieste" Grain Free Tortilla Chips.

These things go from anywhere from $4.99 to $5.99 per bag in the stores when sold singly and $40+ per case on Amazon(or whereever).

The stuff this store carries has evolved over time and now they carry overstocks, many high end specialty foods(at a discount)and a lot of gluten-free and vegan items as well as dairy, meat and veggies and a cheap deli counter.
Need Bacon flavored Seitan?  They got it! lolz

* While over that way Hubs let me pop in CVS too....uh oh......

I joined the Caremark thing and got a free $10 ECB.
I only had the $2/3 Patene CVS machine Q, a digital $2/1 Oral-B toothbrush Q and the inserts Qs for the Herbal Essence, Pantene, Head and Shoulders and Poise liners.
After Qs and $10 ECB I paid $16 and change(again I don't have my receipt in front of me)and got back $15 in new ECB.

I was all set to go back to CVS shopping but then their app wouldn't install on my new Samsung Galaxy phone so I can't get app Qs or all those daily freebies this week and next either! so this CVS venture will not last beyond this new $15 in ECBs and I'll be cancelling that Caremark thing. ugh.

That's about all other than the usual boring stuff of cooking from scratch and eating at home, not throwing out leftovers, reading and free tv watching for entertainment, playing with puppies, watching the garden grow and resting my leg.

What frugal stuff happened in your world this past week?



  1. You did great at CVS! The more you shop, the more digital coupons you'll get (it's the same coupons that print at the red machine). You can just add an online account on your desktop/laptop. They track the brands & items that you normally purchase, so you'll see more and more DQs for that. You can either load the qs to your card or print it at red machine.

    If you have an ipad or tablet, you can install the CVS app on there too. I mainly use my ipad, because it's hard to read the tiny print on my phone. I have the app installed on both, but usually load app qs from my Ipad. The rest is done on my desktop, cause I have a nice big I'm gonna have to go for an eye test soon. Oy vey.

    1. Unfortunately I don't have a tablet or iPad-minimal electronics here(phone and computer)but thanks for the heads up.

  2. Your bargains amaze me. Nothing new or cheap here.

  3. Wow great shopping!
    I'm not sure what happened with the cvs app. None of us can install it on our phones either, and they are newer phones.

    1. Well I'm glad to hear I am NOT the only one! I called CVS and spoke to 2 diff. departments and neither had a clue there was an issue nor how to fix it. And my phone is new and a very popular model of the Galaxy so yeah. lol

  4. Wow, what great prices at P and R Discounters. Sounds a bit like our United Grocery Outlet.

  5. Pretty much nothing to report. I had ordered a "miracle" toilet bowl cleaner that was an absolute bust, and to return it will cost more than worth. IT works-just not how described and I'm pissed as it was not cheap. I had the opposite-spent too much on too little.

  6. Yep I ordered a garden bench/kneeling thing to help when I weed. A Chinese type name but the reviews were ok and I paid with PayPal for safety ( not giving out my credit card #). This week I got a couple of small garden tool blades. They have haven't returned my correspondence and I put in a PayPal dispute. I've never done that before. We'll see. Not the biggest loss.

  7. I’d take some of that bacon flavored seitan if it was cheap! I normally buy frozen vegan “ham” at an Asian market when I visit my sister in Portland but don’t think I’ll be there anytime soon.

    Found a dime in the Kroger parking lot yesterday and that’s about it around here.

    Jen G.

  8. It was cheap and I mentioned it just for you! hehehe

    A dime score is awesome.....

    1. You know me well - and little Dexter’s hair tie addiction. 😁 Luckily I stocked up in addition to your gift.

      The dime is nothing compared to what I used to find downtown. People would leave a handful of change by the parking meters!

      Jen G.


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