Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Rite-Aid This Week...Make-Up for Days

Armed with 8 $6/2 Cover Girl IPQs(they reset after last week on Coupons dotcom)and a $10/1 Flonase ManuQ that expired that day and after loading a $1/2 Russell Stover easter egg candies Load2CardQ on each of my accounts/cards, I went up to Rite-Aid on Sunday.

I bought all this on my card.........

2 x R/S Easter eggs on sale=$1.00
4 x Cover Girl eye palettes BOGO50%Off=$18.86
4 x Cover Girl brow pencils BOGO50%Off=$14.36

Coupons Used
4 x $6/2 Cover Girl items IPQ=$24.00
1 x $1/2 R/S eggs L2CQ=$1.00


Except 2 x $2/1 L2CQs came off once the cashier scanned my card too.  I am assuming they were for Cover Girl items those L2CQs.  I basically load every Q offered onto my cards so I don't remember what I have unless I look before heading to the store. lol

Two of the CG IPQs beeped and had to be put in manually.

So $34.22-29.00 inQs=$5.22

A $5 Bonus Cash came off and I put the .22¢ on my Rite-Aid gift card.
I earned a $10 BC back for spending $30+ on Cover Girl items so I am "up" $4.78 on this purchase.
The R/S candy eggs are a no brainer if you have that $2/1 L2CQ on your card......two free Easter candies after Q!

I then bought this..........

1 x 120 spray Flonase w/20% Wellness discount=$22.39
I used a $10/1 Flonase 120 spray ManuQ so $12.39.
$12 in Bonus Cash came off so I owed .39¢ off my Rte-Aid gift card.
Between the 20% discount, the $10 Q and adding $22.39 to my Allergy Rewards spending total it was a good deal.  The R-A Flonase is cheaper but with the FlonaseQ the name brand was a better deal!
I also topped $75 in Allergy spending on this card with this transaction, so earned a $20 BC with this purchase.......

Then I bought this on Daughter's card.........

But when the first Cover Girl Q beeped the manager and new cashier read the fine print on the Q and decided that "one coupon per purchase" meant that I could only use one coupon per transaction....sigh....which meant the transaction got canceled and I had to "purchase" every 2 items separately so FOUR transactions.
double sigh.
I wish folks knew the difference between a "purchase" and a "transaction".  ;-)

I really didn't mind the extra couple of minutes this meant but I did mind that inside of being able to use some of my Bonus Cash and/or Plenti Points for one big transaction the total for each of the four transactions was $1+ OOP and I had to use my Rite-Aid gift card instead. UGH!

So she rang up the R/S candy eggs and 2 of the CG items in a transaction, then 2 CG items in a separate transaction, etc until I had "purchased" all 8 CG items.

My "totals" were $1.52, $1.43, $1.26 and $1.26 or $5.47 OOP(.25¢ of which was tax).  Instead of getting to use a $5 or 2 of my $2 BC on this card to pay I had to put all $5.47 on my Rite-Aid gift card.
And again, two different CG L2CQs came off, one on each of two different transactions(when I bought the 2 mascaras and when I bought the 2 eye palettes )and NONE of the CG $6/2 IPQs scanned and had to be put in manually.....they could have done that if everything had been rung up in one transaction.
Ugh again.

I did earn a $10 BC on these 4 transactions for spending $30+ on Cover Girl so I am "up" $4.53 for this purchase.

I have heard rumors that Rite-Aid now that Albertson's is buying them is ditching the Plenti Points sometime this Summer.
I don't want to start a panic over this(until it's confirmed at least)but I've still got about $200 in PPs total between these cards....eek!....which will need to be used up before they disappear.  Nothing is confirmed or an end date for taking PPs it's just something I've seen on a message board so keep your eyes/ears open.



  1. I have tried to explain the difference between transaction and purchase to no avail. That was a great deal.

  2. yIKES! You don't want to lose your points! How many can you use at one time?

  3. Albertsons will pay the Rite Aid people so much better, but I think the great deals will go by by. What are we going to do with our spare time and brains? I feel the need for a Rite aid trip today.

  4. There are two older cashiers, (women) and one newer who do this sort of thing to me. I avoid them, or, if that is impossible, ask them, when I get up, to call over the manager or assistant if I plan on doing ANY sort of transaction which I think is beyond them. I know it seems rude, but I guess I've hit that age where I just don't care. I don't scam the system, I know the policy, and I have been a loyal customer for years. Plus, how can they not know how to do their jobs after all this time? Unfortunately, those cashiers work when I try to hit Rite Aid--low traffic times. (Must be a reason they are scheduled at that time, I imagine?) Funny thing, though, several times the assistant has called over from across the store and told the cashier to just let me talk her through the transaction.


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