Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Rite-Aid This Week & Last Friday

So I had to go to Rite-Aid on Friday anyway so I did the Russell Stover Easter egg Deal on my son's card.........

4 x R/S eggs=$2 paid for with Plenti Points as this card had no Bonus Cash on it right now.
I earned back $2 in Bonus Cash so basically I converted PPs to BCs here and these were free.

I was also able while in the store to let a few other customers know about the free Easter candy Deal.  There was no signage on the display indicating the offer so I talked it up to anyone who wanted to listen.  ;-)

Then I saw my store had tons of the large candy bars with .50¢ instant discount stickers on them.
These bars were also on sale BOGOFree last week, making every two candy bars .99¢ or .49¢/.50¢ each.

16 candy bars for $7.92 total(I paid with PPs).  This should hold the candy fiends around here for awhile...or should I say my Easter basket shopping is completed?   ;-)

So Sunday I hopped up to Rite-Aid to finish off the "Morning Routine Spend $20/Get $5 BC" Deal I began last week.
I bought this last week........

5 Colgate items which "cost" me $3.03(with tax)in spending(gift card or BC or PPs)and I had $19.95 tracking toward a $20 spend.

This Morning Routine Deal is a monthly deal so go through March and not just a 2 week deal like I thought.
So I bought all this in two separate transactions on Sunday..........

6 x Irish Spring body wash on sale=$23.94
2 x Schick razors on sale=$12.00
7 x Hershey bars on sale(.69¢)=$4.83

Coupons Used
6 x $1/1 Irish Spring body wash(IPQ or ManuQ)=$6.00
6 x $2/1 Irish Spring body wash In-AdQ=$12.00
2 x $3/1 Schick razor(men or women's)IPQ=$6.00
7 x $1.50/1 Hershey Gold bar IPQ(Olympics promo)=$10.50
Coupon Total.....$34.50


Except the cashier missed one of the Irish Spring Qs so the total paid was $7.32($1.54 was put on my R-A gift card and $5.78 was paid for in Plenti Points(as I had no BC on this card).

I received $1 cash for the missed Q.
I have earned back $14 in Bonus Cash(2 x $5 Morning Routine, 2 x $2 Schick)and $2 cash from Ibotta($1 for each razor).

The body washes Sunday "cost" $5.99 and the Colgate items "cost" $3.03 so $9.02 total and earned me $10 in new BC making all the Morning Routine Deal items a moneymaker.

The Schick razors were $6 after Qs used and the overage on the candy bars made them free plus attached to the $6 from the razors, making all razors and candy cost me .33¢
$9.02 for MR Deal items + .33¢ for razors and candy=$9.35 at the register(paid with PPs/BC/gift card).

OOP $9.35 for those 20 items bought and earned $16 back in cash/BC=$6.65 moneymaker.
And that overage covered most of the cost of all those large candy bars so I am only "down" $1.27 for everything talked about in this post.

If you have the Schick razor offer in your Ibotta account, go on Coupons dotcom to print 2 x the $3/1 Schick razor Q, throw the Schick razor offers(1 men's and 1 women's razor)into your Ibotta account and go get you some free razors!


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