Thursday, March 15, 2018

More Rite-Aid.....Free Cosmetics Anyone?

So a $6/2 Cover Girl Q popped up on the coupons dotcom earlier this week along.

There was also a Dentyne .75¢ cash rebate off on Checkout51(rebate expired Wednesday night but it's back for this week too)that paired nicely with a Dentyne sale at Rite-Aid.

Plus all those high value Hershey Qs I have from the Olympics Promo are expiring in 11 days so I needed to get them used up!

And I realized that those Schick razors I bought on Sunday? can only have one Wellness card attached to your Ibotta account and I bought them on one of the other two cards NOT attached to I needed to rebuy them on the card that is attached.  I'll just keep the other two razor packs since they "cost" me $1 each in PPs so I can live with that.  8-)  I also ended up doing the Schick razors on the third card too because $1 for razors is awesome, right?  ;-)

All this meant I bought a few things *cough cough* when I went up to Rite-Aid to get an Rx on Wednesday.

First was this lot..........

2 x CG mascara BOGO50%=$11.53
2 x CG eye shadow BOGO50%=$9.43
3 x Dentyne gum on sale=$3.00
2 x Hershey candy bars on sale=$1.38
2 x Schick razors on sale=$12.00

Coupons Used
2 x $6/2 CoverGirl IPQ=$12.00
2 x $1.50/1 Hershey bars IPQ=$3.00
2 x $3/1 Schick razors IPQ=$6.00
Coupon Total.......$21.00


Except a $3/1 CG Load2CardQ also came off(didn't expect this)so $37.34-$24.00=$13.34+.28¢tax=$13.62
$2 in BC came off leaving me a total of $11.62, which I paid for with Plenti Points.

I earned back $15 in new Bonus Cash(2 x $5 wyb $10 CoverGirl, 2 x $2 Schick razors, $1 wyb3 Dentyne gum).
I submitted for a $2.25 Dentyne cash rebate on Checkout51(.75¢ x 3 offers-limit is 5 offers)and it's been credited to my account there.
I'll also earn $2 for buying 2 Schick razors now since I used the correct Wellness card finally on Ibotta.

So $13.62 paid in BC and PPs and $19.25 earned back in cash and BC.

Then I bought more CG on my card...........

1 x CG lip stick=$8.79
1 x CG eye shadow kit=$6.29
1 x CG pencil 50%=$3.24
1 x CG brow pencils 50%=$2.39
4 x Hershey bars on sale=$2.76

Coupons Used
2 x $6/2 CoverGirl IPQ=$12.00
4 x $1.50/1 Hershey bars IPQ=$6.00
Coupon Total.....$18.00

But again, a $3/1 CG Load2CardQ came off so $21 in Qs.

A $2 Bonus Cash came off so I paid .47¢ on my Rite-Aid gift card.
I earned back $10 in BC(2 x $5 Cover Girl)on this transaction.

Then on my Daughter's card I bought this......

1 x CG face powder=$9.29
1 x CG mascara=$6.29
1 x CG eye shadow kit 50%=3.14
1 x CG mascara 50%=$3.14
2 x Schick razors=$12.00
5 x Hershey bars on sale=$3.45

Coupons Used
2 x $6/2 CoverGirl IPQ=$12.00
2 x $3/1 Schick razor IPQ=$6.00
4 x up to $1.50/1 Hershey IPQ(took off $1.15each)=$4.60*
1 x $1.50/1 Hershey IPQ=$150
Coupon Total....$24.10


But another $3/1 CG Load2CardQ and a .50¢/2 Hershey's L2CQ came off so $27.60 in Qs leaving me with $9.71 + .17¢tax=$9.88,
A $7 Bonus Cash came off leaving me $2.88 OOP which I paid with PPs.

I earned back $14 in new BC(2 x $5 CG, 2 x $2 Schick).

* 4 of my Hershey Qs were "up to $1.50 off 1" and not a straight $1.50 off 1(they changed the wording near the end of the Olympic Promo-giving away too much maybe?).  I had the cashier scan my Wellness card AFTER she put all the coupons through in this transaction so instead of taking .69¢ off those 4 bars the register took off the full retail price of $1.15 each giving me overage to apply to other items in the transaction just like the $1.50/1 Qs did.

Grand Total Spent in PPs/BC/gift card.......$25.97
Grand Total Earned in BC and cash rebates....$43.25($39 BC/$4.25 cash)

This makes all the above 3 transactions a $17.28 moneymaker.

Since the Checkout51 Dentyne rebate is back this week, you can buy 3 packs, pay $3 and earn $1 back in BC and submit your receipt to Checkout51 and get $2.25 cash back in that account making this a .25¢ moneymaker, no coupons needed.

Hurry and print that Cover Girl Q(2 prints per computer)as well.  Keep your 4 CG items below $22 but over $20 before Qs and BC earned and this will get you some free make-up which is pretty sweet.
My lot of cosmetics will be heading for future Giveaway boxes. 8-)))



  1. please send eye pencils, my eye brows ran away, also Anne needs them for er eyes of March.

  2. You got great deals at Rite Aid especially on the cosmetics. I am holding that coupon for a sale on foundation. It's the only kind I use and I am on my last bottle. So the coupon came just in time.

  3. It takes all I can do to keep up with my one CVS card. You are amazing to keep up with 3 Rite Aide cards. How long do you spend every week to work out your deals at RA? Teddie


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