Saturday, January 27, 2018

What a Frickin' Disaster.....But In a Good Way!

Ok, I spent a LOT of time in Rite-Aid on Friday.  It's all good though because I  brought home lots of items and spent no money OOP(I did spend Bonus Cash, Catalinas and Plenti Points but not as many as I should have evidently).

I can't even begin to detail how the transactions went down got real messy. lolz

A-an employee put the wrong signage on a shelf so 1 Tide I bought didn't qualify for sale or BC which messed up that transaction and there was a return/rebuy and then I didn't have the Load2CardQ to spend again, yadda, yadda, yadda.
B-I tried to use a 30% off email but the items I bought in that transaction that were on sale for BOGO50% didn't give me the better 30% off on them, evidently because the register/computer saw "50% off" and decided that the BOGO50% off(which is effectively 25% off all item involved)was a better deal than a straight 30% off email sale.  So there was more return/rebuy and price modifying and I believe the cashier returned two items I didn't actually buy(bought 4, he returned 6?)so how do we go about fixing that problem inside of another problem?, yadda, yadda, yadda.

In the end I did two transactions on my Daughter's card/account and FIVE transactions on my Son's card/account(two actual transactions, THREE return/rebuys to fix the problems in the actual transactions).
In the returns/rebuys I did end up with another $9.81 in  I seriously don't know what happened here. lolz

Let me just tell you that if you got a 30% off on Friday or Saturday email only attempt to use it once.  If you try to do two transactions and use it both times, the computer system won't take it the second time.
Though the coupon in the email you get is the same number for everyone, it only becomes valid/active with your card is swiped/read and it will only work once with your card.  Ask me how I know this? ;-)

Let me just show you the photos of what I got on Friday and then show you a list of everything I got this week at Rite-Aid total and what it all "cost" me, ok?

Friday's haul.......

Oops, I almost forgot these two.....

And the paper products........

List of items bought at Rite-Aid the Week of January 21st--among 3 accounts/cards

*  2 cases H2O
*  4 12 roll packs Scott tp
*  5  18 roll packs Scott tp
*  4 6-pack Scott paper towels
*  4 6-packs Klenex tissue
*  1 18-pack Cottonelle tp
*  3 Irish Spring body wash
*  3 Soft Soap body wash
*  2 packs U-Kotex tampons
*  8 Hershey candy bars
*  2 Tide detergent
*  1 Gain detergent
*  2 L'Oreal shampoo
*  9 Right Guard extreme deodorant
*  4 Dial liquid hand soap
*  4 Neutrogena facial cleanser
*  6 Muscle Milk protein bars

I started the week with $120 in Bonus Cash and $303.71 in Plenti Points.
I ended the week with $100 in Bonus Cash and $265.06 in Plenti Points and $37.67 in cash monies.

In total I spent down $38.65 in Plenti Points, spent down $20 in Bonus Cash, spent $25 in Catalinas earned this week(5 x $5 Cats earned on 5 paper products transactions).

I now have $20 BC on my card(new), $40 BC on son's card(2 new) and $40 BC(1 old, 1 new)on daughter's card so $100 in BC between the 3 cards/accounts, $265.06 Plenti Points left to spend between the 3 cards/accounts, $37.67 in new cash(which went into the postQ/refund envelope) and $398.37 worth of reg. retail value goods I brought home.

Plus I'll be getting another $5.99 in cash rebates($4.99 for buying 3 of the Right Guards AND $1 for buying 2 of the Dial liquid hand soaps)from SavingStar when they get around to posting it to my account there(making it $43.66 back in cash refunds/rebates total for Rite-Aid this week).

Didn't I tell you it's a glorious mess!  8-)))



  1. Now where are you going to put all that? In you clean garage?

    1. Yes Miss Smarty my clean, organized and not stuff garage! lolz

  2. LOL. A glorious mess, but you did so well!

    I dub thee the Rite Aid Queen. :)

  3. Wow... I've said it before and I'll say it again. I want to be you Sluggy when I grow up!

  4. My head is spinning . . . LOL!

  5. I wonder if RA corporate is watching how you rob the place, all legally, of course, and by their rules. I have done the buy/return/rebuy bit myself. I can see eyes glazing over. I always look forward to these posts.

  6. I second your nomination for RA queen. (I am a stickler for Robert's Rules of Order)
    I am with CT Mom and just shaking my head trying to make sense of it all!

  7. Very impressive! I miss having a Rite Aid in my community.

  8. And should you choose to run and be elected here is really the art of dealing.


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