Friday, December 15, 2017

Frugal Friday......the December 15th Edition

Let's so what frugal wins we had this week, shall we?

* Daughter's birthday was Wednesday but I let her open this little something earlier in the week.

Daughter loves a good Ugly Xmas Sweater so she got it early so she would wear it to class before they ended.
It's a T-Rex in a Xmas sweater.  Note the sleeves are hanging way over his hands. lolz
I paid less than $19 for this quality sweater on Cyber Monday with all my discounts. ;-)

* The $5 Amazon e-card I ordered from Coke Rewards which the email w/the code for never arrived finally got put right.  I contacted them and they resent it and all is right with Sluggy's world now.....yet I am reticent to apply coke cap codes to get any more for fear the same thing will happen again. sigh.  The "leave well enough alone" philosophy is taking hold on me here. ;-)

*  Cheap drinks and candy at Rite-Aid on Wednesday.......

*  Deals at Weis I talked about already.........

*  I sold two more items on eBay this week and shipped them out.  Two things just taking up space in the garage.
$20.91 profit in my pocket after fees. 8-)

The Frugal Wins are kind of thin this week as I haven't done much shopping(just Weis and Rite-Aid).

What have you done to stay frugal lately?

Remember the words of my buddy, the "Most Frugal Man in the World"..........



  1. I must say that is a winner of a sweater, don't know if I have seen an Uglier one yet. Then her cute little face is over the top. I so wish I could be a fly on the wall when those 3 kids are home together. Oh let the stories begin.

  2. My only frugal wins is staying basically on budget. Plus, I have my volleyball reffing earnings, not much to date, but enough to make the season a touch jollier by being able to put extra money towards the CC when it comes.

  3. A friend at work has an ugly Xmas sweater with a drunk looking pug on the front and it's covered in jingle bells. That one is my favorite to date!


  4. Sweaters don't get much uglier than that one. I'm surprised they didn't PAY you to take it out of the store. Lol

    Working and not spending has been my theme of the week. Did a lot of thinking about goals for 2018. Better yet, I have now figured out a plan to reach those goals!


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