Thursday, December 28, 2017

Dec. 26th Rite-Aid & Weis Spending

Ok, first the Rite-Aid shopping........

I got an Oral-B toothbrush that was on sale for $3 and was suppose to give back $2 in Plenti Points.
Well I had two different Load2Card Qs on this account(one for $1 off, one for $2 off)an Oral-B toothbrush.
Both coupons came off making it free! lolz
And I received no Plenti Points for the purchase as you may be able to see on the receipt.
Not sure whether I'll call Corporate to protest not getting my PPs or not since if the $1 L2CQ had come off AND I had received my PPs it would be free and it was free after both Qs came off anyway.   I may just call this one all good.   8-)))

Then I went to Weis to get more inexpensive coffee and found some meat instant sticker discount deals too............

4 x 8 O'Clock coffee BOGO=$10.98
Used $6 in stacked Qs + one of my MM OJ $2 Catalinas on those and paid $2.98 OOP for all 4 bags.
2 x packages of brats(1 buffalo chicken flavor, 1 spinach and feta flavor)on sale for $4 each had $2 off stickers on them, so $2 per package.
2 x sliced boneless chicken breast(will use for enchilada filling)had $3 off stickers on it so $1.94 and $2.39 per package for almost 2.07 lbs. total or $2.09 per lb.
3 x packages of boneless pork chops, regular price totaled $24.51, on sale for $13.60-3 x $2 instant stickers($6 off)=$7.60 for 4.34 lbs. of pork or $1.75 per lb.

4 more bags of 8 O'Clock coffee that Hubs picked out, using the last of my stacked coupons meant I paid $4.98 for this lot of coffee.  I also got a $2 Ibotta rebate on the Infusions type bag so $2.98 OOP for these 4 bags.  Nice.

This will most probably be the last $ I spend in 2017 on food things so I'll get my December food spending totals done this weekend and posted a bit early.



  1. Does he go shopping with you more often since retirement?


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