Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Got My Turkey + More Deals from Weis

So I cashed in my Reward Points at Weis(PMITA)Markets for my free turkey last week.
Only my turkey wasn't exactly free.
It cost me .58¢.

The free turkey deal was for a frozen Weis brand 20 lb. or less turkey for 50 Reward Points.
The only turkeys that met this criteria in my store were 15+/- lbs.
There was 1 turkey that was 20.50 lbs, thus over the weight limit for free.
So instead of getting the free 15 lb. one(and losing almost 5 lbs. of free turkey)I took the 20.50 lbs one and paid .58¢ for the price of the 1/2 a pound over 20 lbs.
Works for me. lolz

I also got.....

* Two Mrs. Smith's pies(apple and cherry)for $4.49 total.
They are on sale at Weis BOGO and I used two .50¢/1 coupons which doubled to $1 off each.
$6.49 x 2=$12.98-bogo=$6.49-$2Qs=$4.49, or $2.25 per pie.

* Four boxes of Chex cereal for $3.52 total.
They are on sale at Weis for $1.88 per box when you buy 4 and I used four .50¢/1 coupons which doubled to $1 off each.
$1.88 x 2=$7.52-$4Qs=$3.52 or .88¢ per box.

* Six cans of Furmano's tomatoes for $3.22 total.
They are on sale at Weis for .87¢ per can and I used two $1/3 coupons.
$.87 x 6=$5.22-$2Qs=$3.22 or .54¢ per can. (If you have this coupon wait until the 11/24 ad as Furmano's will be .67¢ a can.)

* Three bags of Birdseye frozen veggies for $1.61 total.
They are on sale at Weis for .87¢ a bag and I used a $1/3 coupon.
$.87 x 3=$2.61-$1Q=$1.61 or .54¢ per bag.

* Two rolls of Gwaltney sausage(for my stuffing)for $1.00 total.
I found 2 rolls clearanced to .50¢(discontinued item). 8-)

* Two 12 packs of Lipton Iced Tea for $3.99 total.
They were on sale(Friday only)half price($5.99 reg. price).
I also had a $2/2 Weis coupon book Q so $3.99 or $2 each.

Total was $19.67, value of $85.17 and savings of 76.90%.

The turkey, one of the pies and the sausage are for Thanksgiving.  The rest were good deals of foods/drinks we consume around here.



  1. I also struggled to get a free turkey within the required weight limits. I have a just shy of 21 lber in the chest freezer for Christmas this year. And yes, I would have paid the 58 cents, too, if I hadn't found one just under the 21 lb cut off

  2. I was able to get turkey glop for .69 cents a can. So I bought a case as mom uses it in a salad she makes about once a month.

  3. $.58 for a 20.5 lb turkey! That is a deal!

  4. Great strategizing on the turkey!


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