Thursday, November 12, 2015

TO-DO List.....October Update

It's about time we take a look at the old To-Do List for October and see how I did, shall we?


*  Go to PT Sessions  DONE  I finished up my Physical Therapy and now the bills start rolling in.....oh. goodie! lolz

*  Go on Vacation  DONE  This was an easy one to do, and one I looked forward to.

                  Another Selfie Fail....I blame Sonya Ann

*  Vacuum Upstairs Rooms  DONE  Got the rugs cleaned finally.  This new vacuum showed me just how awful of a job the last vacuum did...bleh.

*  Sew 2 Pairs of Pants  IN PROGRESS  Well I got them worked on but not completed in October.  I made progress howver so it's a provisional win.  ;-)

*  Organize Stockpile  DONE  The unusually warm Oct. meant I could spend a long while in the garage without freezing so I made sure the stockpile got cleaned out and organized well before heading into Winter.  Of course by Spring it will be a mess again since we are constantly pulling out and bringing new items in. ;-)

*  Finish harvesting Garden  DONE  I finished harvesting the last of the Collard Greens once we returned from vacation the end of October.  2 more gallon sized bags of collards into the freezer.

*  Bike 10 Miles  FAIL  With my foot still on the mend I was under orders not to bike until I was finished with PT and then we were away for 10 days or so, so I only got 3 miles done in October.

And just doing that much was a struggle for me and it happened in short increments at a time.  Doing a half a mile at a time was torture when 6 weeks ago I was doing 3 miles at a time.
Of course, being away from home cut into my completed distance in October too.
It's amazing how fast you loose your abilities at this age and how hard recovery is.
But back on the horse, as they say, in November.

*  Hold a Giveaway  DONE  Giveaway was completed, winner picked.

*  Mail out giveaway Prizes  DONE  Prizes went out promptly and have been well received.  8-)
I've got a new Giveaway already launched, go enter it.(Look for the side bar link.)

*  Work on eBay listings  FAIL  Just didn't get around to it yet.  It's the season to sell this stuff so I need to get off my ass and just DO IT!  The only problem is I sort of make a big mess with the eBay stuff in the space I need to serve Thanksgiving Dinner in, so this adds stress to my life at this time of year.  Plus I just don't want to make the effort it takes to get back up on eBay....sigh...

Just 2 outright Fails, 1 "I'm working on it" and lots of COMPLETES on my list this month.  It helps not to have too strenuous a list to begin with, doesn't it? lolz

Now it's onward to November's list.  I was good this month and got it posted rather quickly(well, for me).

Did you accomplish what you wanted to in October?
What's on your List of Things to Get Done in November?



  1. My list keeps growing but I don't seem interested in doing any of it. Maybe a drink would help.

  2. October is my month to have allergy problems and become ill. I managed to hold off on being ill until the last few days of the month, so anything I got done was a win in my book.

    Since I put a can of Coke in the freezer and it exploded, that is the top of the list this month. Plus, I think that is a turkey in there, too. When I take food from the freezer to clean it, all the Coke will fall on the floor, so I am not looking forward to this chore.

    That's my list!
    Clean the freezer in the refrigerator.

    Now, that is not to say I will not do other things. Let's not raise expectations too high.

  3. Just getting up in the morning for me is win these days. I am so tired, why?

  4. Too much to do, to little time and zero desire leaves me in a bad place right now.
    Thanks for mentioning your bike fail. I did not do the elliptical yesterday and if I go two days in a row without doing it I pay for it in knee issues. I read your post, got off my duff and did it right then.

  5. Sluggy, you did really well. I got most of my list done, too. The yard and garden are done for this year and ready for 2016; organized freezer; cleaned out pantry; cleaned out recipe drawer; and vacuumed carpets over and over again. Sluggy, your vacuum looks a lot like the Bissell I just bought for around $50. After a lifetime of big, heavy vacuums, I am simply amazed at how much dirt this new, light plastic vac has sucked outta our carpet. I always thought we were clean, but I guess carpet is just a dust magnet. Another good argument for hard surface flooring.

  6. For november I have a morning ritual to do:
    walk the dog, roll out my stiff back, push ups, stretch and there it is.


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