Friday, July 17, 2015

A Quick Update

Well since returning from the VA apartment hunt I've been making up for lost grocery shopping time it seems.

After my 1 week post-op eye appointment Eldest son and I hit Maine Source for a pork shoulder($1.69lb!), tomatoes and squash, 2 dozen eggs, a chub of liverwurst for Hubs lunches and a 2 lb. bag of shrimp.
OOP came to $40.40

Then I hit Weis(PMITA)Markets that afternoon after lunch and spent another $36.33.

There is a video of the shopping trip HERE.

$11.99 of that $36.33 was spent on a birthday cake for Eldest son......and it wasn't even on sale! ack.

I still managed to "save" 42% on that trip over paying full retail for everything so it's all good.

I had another dr. appointment this afternoon plus some more unexpected fun(details to come later this weekend)and now I am off to go work on dinner.

The fun just never ends some days, don't it? ;-)



  1. out of curiosity, how much were the eggs? cheapest I can find down here is $2.19/dozen at aldi.

    1. anne marie, they were $1.99 for XTRA Large, not Large!!!
      I about peed my pants when I saw that price......lolz

    2. DAYUM! great price! my aldi price is for large size.

      and if ya gonna pee, make sure the pants fabric is a dark color... ;-)

  2. I think I paid about $2.39/doz. at Food Lion, but I wasn't willing to drive anywhere else at the time.

    Peace <3

  3. It was fun hearing your voice. I bet the cake is worth every penny-cake and cannoli!! It looks quite large and that you could easily serve 8-10 as I bet it is pretty rich. Considering the decadence, and that swank cafe's are getting $5.00 a slice, it is all good.

  4. Holy great deals - I wish :) We sold our big fridge waiting for new appliances (4 weeks) so are living out of a minifridge and minifreezer right now. It is interesting. It was unexpectedly quick so we are eating odd combinations of food this week to get some space in both so I can buy some new groceries.

  5. Your freezer top make for a perfect display! that cake looks yummy!

  6. I'm wondering what your unexpected fun it. Something is always go on.
    I miss you. It seems that the people that we live with seem to be sucking up a lot of time. Damn them.


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