Tuesday, February 12, 2013

6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon a la American Idol

If you've been reading here for a year or so, you may remember last year I mentioned that I was rooting for someone on American Idol.
I have an online friend I met through our being on a beanie baby discussion board back in the 1990's.  He's a sweet guy and he has a daughter who grew up and went to NYC to seek her fortune as a singer/actress.  She ended up meeting a guy and they became a songwriting team and eventually formed their own singing group on the side.
Last year her partner, Nick Boddington auditioned for American Idol and made it onto the show.
He did get cut while they were in Las Vegas however, so it was a short stint.

This season he decided to audition again and he made it through the initial rounds and made it onto the show a second time.

Last week was Hollywood Week.  I have no clue what that means though.  lol
Nick performed as part of the boy group, The Math Heads.  They were the first group to go in the group round.  The video is of their song.  Nick is the guy wearing glasses.

After surviving the Group Round, here is his performance in the Solo Round....

So if you are into this voting thing and watch this show, don't forget our boy Nick and wish him luck!
The top 20 guys who go on will be revealed this Wed. and Thurs.



  1. Wow! He has a great voice! I had he does well because it sounds like he deserves it.


  2. Awesome!!! Hope he goes far!! :)

  3. I thought this was going to be about Kevin Bacon. I spoke with him on the phone once.

  4. He's a winner in my book! The talent just keeps getting better and better!!


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