Saturday, October 20, 2012

This Is Crazy....But Crazy Good!

Having a kid in Marching Band means I am a Marching Band Parent.  And in most American school systems this means that you are part of a Booster Group raising the funds to support your kid's "Sport".
Yes, Marching Band IS a sport, yet little if any school district funds are earmarked for this school activity.
The Football team, the Basketball team, the Wrestling team, the Track and Field team, the Field Hockey team, even the Cheerleading team gets a substantial share of the money allocated for school sports.
(And don't get me started about the 1 million dollars the school district spent on the football field when there are not enough classrooms to accommodate the number of students here to learn in classes.)

District Funds allocated for the Marching Band?
Not so much.
So this means the Parents Association spends a lot of time and effort raising money so the kids can afford the fees and to travel to competitions.
We also host a tournament at our school....not so much for the kids to compete but because it's a good opportunity to fund raise for our Marching

We have considered and attempted many moneymaking schemes over the past 4 years I've had a kid in Marching Band.  The kids have tried to sell anything you can think of to raise funds.  We have had car washes, dinners, sold ads, etc.

We are hosting a Marching Band Tournament next month.  One of the fundraising schemes(along with selling food concessions, selling flowers and candy-o-grams to give to the participants)that is being done is a Basket Raffle in the high school and at the tournament that weekend.

I volunteered to put together a Basket for the raffle.
Of course, I am using some of my excess Toiletries to good use here!

I gleaned 2 large grocery bags of personal care items from my stash.  This is enough for 3 baskets!
Then I hit the Dollar Store for actual baskets/containers to present the items in and for clear cellophane wrap to make it all nice and yummy.  I've got ribbon and bows here already for the finishing touch.

So today, I divvied up the items and I have 2 woman's baskets and 1 man's basket.

Each basket has at least $40 in retail value of personal care items.  I'll actually "build/arrange" the stuff in the baskets and wrap them late next week.

The funny thing about all this.......I spent MORE on the Baskets and Cellophane Wrap than I spent on all the STUFF going into the Baskets!!!
Yes, I spent $5.30 in cash....but on the presentation stuff, not on the products.
The products were basically free.

Crazy, huh?

I hope the Raffle is a success and they realize some profits from this.



  1. That is a good idea. What will the cost of a raffle ticket be? Here, Auburn and Alabama baskets are raffled. I am not sure how it goes over as far as profit. Good luck. Is this your last year as a band parent?

  2. 8 years of band and theatre in Catholic School between both kids so I know the drill on this one!!! Good luck with your fund raising...anyone wanna buy some cheese cake :)

  3. Those are great raffle items! Good job on the baskets and good luck.

  4. I wonder how much they would sell for? You are an amazing basket maker!;)

  5. Funny, football fields all over the country are getting facelifts, yet we have to purchase our own text books and fund the "arts" because sports seem to be more important. Good grief.

    Our cross country team gets very little support even though we are 100+ strong. My daughter was in marching band two years ago and our fee to have her march was a little under $500.00. It's way too much!!

    LOVE the baskets, so glad you were able to do them so inexpensively!

  6. It is great that you can provide those for such a low cost! Though I am surprised that you didn't have baskets in your stash. ;-)


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